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4/5th Done and Compaq Happy Family

June 18th, 2009 at 03:54 pm

The dejunquing of DS11's room went superbly. Asked to take things off shelves that he doesn't want (ie old models, books), he almost CLEANED off shelves.

Moved furniture around slightly, rearranged a few posters on the wall, and freecycled the computer in his room.

A needy sounding family picked it up within hours. No printer. Windows 98 set up, Compaq model. They're happy.

A big sailing ship kite and 5 well kept games went to the Boys & Girls Club.

I feel good for donating and the space looks like new.

Remodel on a rupee. Two new light fixtures, a small bedside shelf and a (thrift store) basket for stuffed animals he still wants came to $100.

I should've took before and after pics, DANG! Submit to a magazine.

Today is the last room to clean and dejunque, DD9. No expenses, just thinnng out of toys. 5th room of the house to do in as many days. I'm pooped.

Thanks for taking a look at something I've always wanted to do, wire wrap stones.

Coin Earrings

Free form bound stone coin earrings include a bali style dangle flower. Artistic, yet casual enough for everyday.

Not yet for sale. Contact me for more detail.

UnModeling the Boy's Room

June 17th, 2009 at 01:57 pm

'How to Remodel w/o the Re'

Today is the day my DS11 is looking forward to?! We are cleaning out his room. Ok, he's just been saving up him empty gum wrappers to throw away all at once. Bleh.

Anyway, the air hockey table is coming out (assuming I can get the legs off, it doesn't fit through the door). I'd like to sell it on Craig's, and KNOW it would bring at least $50. But husband wants to take it to our weekend house.

Also cleaning off the shelves, hopefully of the clay dragon he made at his 7th bday party, the old car models that he used for demolition derbies. Maybe the books from 2nd grade...

Next the too small clothes out of the closet. Such as the dress shirt from that wedding a couple years ago. A cubscout shirt he'll never wear again.

Then the desk - Oh the desk. Just suffice it to say the thrift store is going to be happy. YUCK!!! Every drawer is filled with junque.

There is a magnetic dart game on the closet door that is going to the Boys/Girls Club. A set of Mega blocks (yes those big ones for 4 year olds) that also goes to B/G club.

A rainbow sailing ship kite on the ceiling that I hope he'll part with. We've flown it at least twice to the end of it's rope. Time to give it away.

And a light pole fixture that never gave enough light is OUT. The only $$ to be spent is on a new one that gives proper light for homework before he needs glasses. Probably a wall mount type, but maybe a better different floor model. No ceiling type (the room is not wired). Unfortunately, light fixtures are not cheap, but I am not compromising on this.

I'm also cleaning out, using up older gem and beads in my stash to make room for new supplies later in the year. A Russian friend gave me some amber awhile ago and here's what I made of the remainder.

Imperial Amber Photo Necklace

Honey hued amber nuggets and abalone shell discs attract interest in this highly styled 18" necklace. Interchangeable photo frame adds even more character.

Not yet for sale, contact me for more detail.

No Day Job? Got Home Job!

June 15th, 2009 at 01:40 pm

First day of 'vacation', meaning I don't go to 'work'. Staying home on the couch eating bonbons, right? How about:

Attack of the kitchen!

1. Give 409 (or some such homemade organic cleaner) to kids and stand back for spray shower on appliance degreasing.

2. Remove lace valance and hand wash, line dry, iron (omg I hope it doesn't disintegrate)

3. Top of fridge, what's that??

4. Clean tile counters with a little bleach, wear old Tshirt!!

5. You know those thingy's you put on your feet to mop the floor? Hmmmm.

And that is just before noon. OK, ok, will take the afternoon off and PLAY with the kids, or go to the beach, or walk the dog, or ...


Today is the day I SUBMIT an entry in a formal juried art show. My first time ever entering with a fee, $8. LUCKILY I made one sale at the Farmer's Market on Saturday (poo, just 1). Even though it's only $8 to enter I feel hugely better using earnings for the fee instead of my own pocket money.

I'll find out by Wednesday if I make it in the show.

Here's some new work I am going to enter into future shows.

Pressed Plant Enhanced Photo Compositions

UnGame on Summer Vacation

June 10th, 2009 at 05:12 pm

Last day of work for the summer! When my kids are off, I am off except for 2 days/month.

My left brain has it all ready - scheduled and free time, home biz here I come, and cleaning out the kids' rooms!

To prepare for a 2 week camping trip coming soon, I'm trolling the thrift stores for new family/kids activities. Found the 'UnGame' (from 1975) for $2. We tested it out for 1/2 hour, the kids have already pulled it out twice more to play with. Anyone heard of this? You travel around a board pulling a card with a very univeral question when landing on those spots. Such as 'Say something about war' or 'what color is happiness'. There are no right or wrong answers. The discussions get lively.

Also last year we had this useful boredom buster:

1. Write on slips of paper fun, as well as, chore activities. Examples:

Weed the flower bed.
30 minutes board game.
Swiffer the living room.
Trip to rent a movie.
Ride bike to the park.
Take dog for a walk.
Bake cookies.

2. Put slips in decorated lidded box or can.

3. Pick one when summer vacation boredom hits, with the promise that WHATEVER comes out will be done.

NOTE: Limit picking slips to one or two a day if necessary.

So long to bus commutes which yielded stuff like this for the next 8 weeks!

Little Lamb Newly Born Photo Baby Announcements - Pack of 4
(if the pics don't work, click here)

Text is pics and Link is

June 5th, 2009 at 10:42 pm

I don't watch nor listen more than an hour or so a day, far less than a typical CNN junkie. But the world problems weigh on me, especially in light of raising two grade school kids and with parents advancing in age. (Hormone changes in life don't help either!!)

Discovering a sweet therapy. It's rewarding, creative, and inexpensive (my specialty!). What is it?

Pointing my camera to happy things, scenes, and otherwise good subjects.

Here is a place I'd like to cast off the cares, not to mention the socks.

Under the Trestles

And you wouldn't believe this is not in 'big sky country', that I'm a city girl.

Grazing Sky Scape

Not to forget the technical side of my brain.

Old Arch Bridge

More photos to lighten up at

Text is and Link is (please respect my ownership rights and do not reproduce).

Hours of FREE Summer Fun

June 4th, 2009 at 05:36 pm

How long has this Wizard101 game been around? It's very Harry Potter'ish, seems innocent enough, and there's very little, if not no, pressure to buy anything.

Text is Wizard101 and Link is

My grade school kids heard from friends at school, and tried it out about a week ago.

It takes an inordinate amount of time to load, but I chilled out and let it go.

They are having a blast and the only caveat is to limit the time so they don't become couch potatoes!

Anyone else heard of it? If there's a catch and you figure it out, make a comment here. Thanks.

Am I the last person to buy Yoga Pants from Target?

June 2nd, 2009 at 04:54 pm

Though comparison shopping is very time consuming I enjoy the bargain hunt and usually just do without if the item is not found at an acceptable price.

That means today I am:

~ wearing really old tennis shoes (haven't found suitable replacements in the boys section of the sports store, payless or a going out of biz store yet)

~ a second hand sweater

~ carrying a thrift store purse (I love it)

~ wearing white sports socks from one of those swap meet vendor type packages (and might even darn them when they get holes).

But I expected a Target coupon for $5 off $50 purchase to go farther than it did yesterday.

List of Potential Needed Items:
girls bathing suit
girls tennis shoes
movie for Dad for Father's Day
lightweight folding lawn chairs

These are tough tough items to find, I've been scouring Craigs for the lawn chairs (everyone only uses stacking ones now but I have not given up at yard sales), and I will not get my kids secondhand shoes or bathing suits anymore (bad fit, worn out and bad value).

Off we went, DD9 and I, to the kids section. There were a nice selection of suits, especially in her size, and one for $13. She also wished for another for $19 which included a little skirt. Then to the shoes, nothing. I passed a rack of stretch black pants for moms. Hmmmmmm.

The last black stretch pants I had were from a higher end women's store (my mom had given me a gift cert some years ago) and they fit like a dream! This store closed a year or so ago and I have been searching for longer than that to replace the pants. I have also scoured Susie's Deals for something similar for over a year.

Well the Petit fit great. OK, they were $20. I decided yes. It was worth the price for the years of time I put in trying to find the same thing for less.

We never made it to the garden chair section. Those two bathing suits and the pants were $51. Bleh. I let the kid get both suits since the coupon would indirectly lower the price of one suit to $8.

So now all I want to know is:

Will these $20 yoga pants last awhile?