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Am I the last person to buy Yoga Pants from Target?

June 2nd, 2009 at 04:54 pm

Though comparison shopping is very time consuming I enjoy the bargain hunt and usually just do without if the item is not found at an acceptable price.

That means today I am:

~ wearing really old tennis shoes (haven't found suitable replacements in the boys section of the sports store, payless or a going out of biz store yet)

~ a second hand sweater

~ carrying a thrift store purse (I love it)

~ wearing white sports socks from one of those swap meet vendor type packages (and might even darn them when they get holes).

But I expected a Target coupon for $5 off $50 purchase to go farther than it did yesterday.

List of Potential Needed Items:
girls bathing suit
girls tennis shoes
movie for Dad for Father's Day
lightweight folding lawn chairs

These are tough tough items to find, I've been scouring Craigs for the lawn chairs (everyone only uses stacking ones now but I have not given up at yard sales), and I will not get my kids secondhand shoes or bathing suits anymore (bad fit, worn out and bad value).

Off we went, DD9 and I, to the kids section. There were a nice selection of suits, especially in her size, and one for $13. She also wished for another for $19 which included a little skirt. Then to the shoes, nothing. I passed a rack of stretch black pants for moms. Hmmmmmm.

The last black stretch pants I had were from a higher end women's store (my mom had given me a gift cert some years ago) and they fit like a dream! This store closed a year or so ago and I have been searching for longer than that to replace the pants. I have also scoured Susie's Deals for something similar for over a year.

Well the Petit fit great. OK, they were $20. I decided yes. It was worth the price for the years of time I put in trying to find the same thing for less.

We never made it to the garden chair section. Those two bathing suits and the pants were $51. Bleh. I let the kid get both suits since the coupon would indirectly lower the price of one suit to $8.

So now all I want to know is:

Will these $20 yoga pants last awhile?

2 Responses to “Am I the last person to buy Yoga Pants from Target?”

  1. M E 2 Says:

    I would assume that there are more people who DON'T do yoga than do. Therefore, NO, you are not the last person to buy yoga pants from Target! ;-)

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Sorry to say - probably not. I no longer buy adult clothing at Target - it's the worst quality. (Holes in the crotch within a year - my guess).

    The yoga type pants I have right now are one of the maternity variety (lord knows where I got it but it has held up and is comfy) and some pants I got from Marshalls or Ross about 6 years ago. LEss expensive and far superior quality. I mean - you wouldn't tell just by looking, but after buying falling apart clothes so long, I appreciate pants that don't fall apart after minimal use.

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