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Party on a Penny

February 7th, 2011 at 09:16 pm

One party down, one to go. We opened house to the neighbors for the Superbowl and kept it frugal!

As one of the 'oldtimers' said "We don't need much except some grub, the game and a few friends."

But I played it up just a little more.

Decoration: Usually I forgo putting up party decorations because they are disposable and not a good use of money and I feel are wasteful environmentally. Not to mention I kinda think the matchy matchy plates/cups/table cloth are silly (I am just NOT a girly girl).

But I sorta got inspired and had some fun. Just using some colored construction paper, I made a couple things for the walls...

You know what it says. I bought a HUGE spool of curled ribbon for $2.50. Thus the Steelers colors to start it off!

(ps the vase of calla lilies is from the yard)

Another construction paper banner went over the doorway to the adjacent room...

Yellow and green, um, detect a theme here?

I cut out some football shapes, including some bumpy parts for the stitches and hung over the food table. And finally, tried to be really smart and replicate the team helmets near the viewing area. (I like the graphic on Monday NIght Football where the 2 helmets bang into each other and sparks fly out). My attempt...

Look closely and you'll see the Steeler's logo on the left helmet and the Greenbay logo on the green helmet. And YES, I know the colors are not perfect. I WAS NOT GOING FOR perfection. Just a 'can I do it' attempt!

Next weekend is my kid's bday party and we'll do similar decorations, with a little more pizzazz such as balloons (we'll blow up ourselves) and more curly ribbon streamers from the ceiling.

I love that this paper stuff is very recyclable.

Use this idea for your next party, easy and costs almost nuthin! Just start with a pack of colored construction paper and a spool of curling ribbon.

my only question is...will I have a box of construction paper around when my kids are grown up and not in school anymore???