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Fun fun for game lovers...

April 25th, 2007 at 10:00 pm

My 9-y-o son's friend sent him to

Text is miniclips and Link is
miniclips for lots and lots of free computer games.

He didn't need any encouragement

Take a look, you won't believe the variety, and they're all free. I don't see any 'strings'.

Oops Embroidery Scissors

April 24th, 2007 at 04:05 pm

After arriving a couple hours early and a successful check in at the airport a couple days ago, I settled down to do some cross stitching until my flight would board.

Happily working away with my scissors in my lap. When it struck me...

Oops, sharp objects not allowed. I kept working a little while more showing no alarm. Then slipped them inside the book of patterns and packed up my tote bag.

Hoped the scissors would not be taken away, as it was the only pair I brought. I wondered if even the actual needles would be taken away Frown

What about the return trip?

Escar Go Away

April 22nd, 2007 at 03:44 pm

Just about finished with my spinach salad last night, when, 7 year old daughter shrieked "

Let me See Let me See *Everyone running around the table*

"Was that the spinach I picked?," asked DH.

"Yup," says Mom Big Grin

Just another day in the backyard organic farming at Pretty Cheap Jewelry.

Son groans UUUGGGHHH - Daughter sasses No Spinach for ME!

*Dad takes remaining salad to the compost bin*

Thank goodness I didn't look

How to ...Save a Few Dollars in the Air

April 22nd, 2007 at 03:24 pm

Taking a flight tonight and thinking ahead :P

Packing a few dry snacks in my flight bag
Save about $5 by bringing snacks instead of purchasing, drinks must buy

Bringing radio/movie earphone jacks purchased on previous flight
It may not be compatible between airlines, but doesn't hurt to try (husband says some airlines give these out free now too)

Saving of the green $$

How To...Take a Vacation for $0

April 19th, 2007 at 04:28 pm

Want to get away without spending anything? If you don't mind making up your own bed, take a vacation in your own backyard, so to speak.

Vacations are for ...seeing new places... shopping new stores...meeting new people...relaxing...

1. See New Places
Take a hike! Have you ever explored trails nearby? Check the local

Text is Sierra Club and Link is
Sierra Club chapter activity listing for free guided hikes in your area. You don't have to join the Club to try a hike (ask to be a guest). Or just get an idea of where good walks exist. The Club hosts a huge variety of outdoor walks; short to long; easy to expert.

2. See More New Places
Go Birdwatching! OK, sound sissy? If you dare to try beware of having fun!
Text is Audubon Society and Link is
Audubon Society is a wonderful organization full of folks ready to swoop down and fill you with knowledge. It becomes a challenge and contest filling your journal of sightings. Borrow binoculars from a friend or Audubon host.

3. See New Shops
Instead of buying the week's groceries at the same old place, try a different store. A new store's displays and selection are a breath of fresh air. For the really ambitious, shop someplace completely different like the specialty sushi market(!), tea and coffee shops, and organic groceries.

4. Meet New People
Is there a community college in your area? Or a local art association? Listen to a lecture! Attend an art show opening! It doesn't have to be something you know about, go to open your own horizons. Ask others about the topic, people are more than willing to talk about themselves.

5. Meet More New People
Go Stargazing! Look up the nearest astronomical society and go to a meeting. A fantastic experience, it might change your outlook no matter where you vacation in the future. Usually the club sets up some pretty nice equipment and allows all guests to peer out to space. These telescopes are high tech and are unlikely ever to be owned by the average joe.

No hot tub, spa, pool at home? Fill up the tub and take a long hot bubble bath. (It might feel silly at home, but don't knock it till you try it). Light some candles, use shampoo or liquid hand soap for loads of bubbles, and send the kids away with spouse or the neighbor. Turn on something different on the radio. If you never tried the classical music station, DO IT NOW. Or tune to country if you usually listen to pop. Or jazz if you usually listen to country.

Start planning your next 'Trip' now!

Easy Free Photo Web Site @ Flickr

April 18th, 2007 at 04:24 pm

Every heard of A free place to put your photos to share with family or the world. It's very popular, fun, and creative. There's groups, forums, the whole 9 yards.

Your photos can be privatized (for only family to see) or open to the public.

Want to see some great items from Pretty Cheap Jewelry? I opened an account yesterday

Text is here and Link is
here. Put comments if you wish ;-)

Yoga Lessons Wasted

April 16th, 2007 at 10:28 pm

ARGHHH Does everyone else have such difficulties getting their computer upgraded?!

We are still having trouble with getting two home PCs running smoothly with a new DSL service and a wireless router.

1. After taking back a less expensive router about a week ago, the system worked better with a Netgear wireless (it goes transmits well between a top and bottom floor in the house).

2. Then the stupid system still was spotty, couldn't get to my EMAIL!!!!!!! Really a pain.

3. Patient husband wizard spoke to Netzero (our provider) who helped him lower a number in the DSL set up which made the 'packets' of information smaller that go over the line. (I'd like to send HIM a packet). Actually the number wasn't good enough, and husband took a guess at an even lower number which worked better.

4. Now the upstairs computer, which sits NEXT TO THE WIRELESS works okay, not great but at least I can get to my email. The downstairs computer is still SNAFU

I give UP!

It is as bad as your car breaking down. However, after the initial shock of a few days, you get used to NOT USING YOUR COMPUTER as much.

Breathe, breathe, I took yoga 3 years and need to go BACK! WHERE ARE MY FROWNING SMILEYS!!!????

The only good thing is trying to shift energy toward making wonderful crafts for my business with all the open time.

YES-added a beautiful mini-journal to the store as shown below. And the bouquet props are from my yard, so sweet.

Very Fortunate in LA Megalopolis

April 12th, 2007 at 04:18 pm

The whole first grade was taken to the J. Paul Getty Museum this week. Admission is free. (Parking personal vehicles costs.)

The only cost incurred by the school was for bus transportation, covered by our fundraising.

The kids brought a bag lunch. The experience is priceless for 7 year olds.

Too much lettuce

April 11th, 2007 at 01:47 pm

'Del Monte' west producing too much:

-romaine lettuce

and not enough:


OK, can't complain about the flowers. I've had a gorgeous purple/white/yellow bouquet of iris and calla lily for 1.5 weeks. Do you EVER buy flowers? Coral, pink and yellow roses on the way.

This is our backyard garden. How much salad can you eat bleh, time to give away some romaine...

Gracious Thank You

April 10th, 2007 at 01:29 pm

I have a little internet store and the competition for jewelry is fierce! But I also enjoy cross stitching and in the past made christmas cards for special family receipients. (It's addicting...)

Instead of trying to sell just one card at a time (who would purchase a single card on the internet?? Even if it is really gorgeous?) I had the idea to make a set of Thank You cards in a box set.

Off to take pictures last weekend, and one set just sold in a day! No promotion.

Looks like the competition isn't so tough in this new category. Here's a picture of one in a Set of 3 in the shop-

Away for a week Back with DSL :)

April 9th, 2007 at 01:47 pm

Whoa! It took 3 days of wrestling with the antennae, 5 calls to the tech person in India (how's the weather?) and about $100...

but we have 2 PCs and a couple laptops on wireless DSL in the house.

Will wonders never cease. The $$ didn't really hurt, the frustration cost more. (Me, not the DH who worked miracles with a few electrons).