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Mommy Brain and the Case of the Missing Skis

February 16th, 2010 at 06:46 pm

Once upon a time, in a far away place.... I took up cross country skiing enjoying the outdoor setting, feeling good about the aerobic benefits physically, also intentionally participating in a less environmentally resource intense sport. (Not to mention the costs were a mere FRACTION of downhill skiing).

I even purchased inexpensive equipment those many years ago and was able to use them after marraige with my new husband who also had done a bit of cross country skiing. But alas, such diversions are secondary after kids, right?

Fast forward 10 years. In 2009 our little family of four took a mini vacation to the Eastern Sierras for a day of cross country skiing. I wanted very much to introduce (and hopefully hook) my kids to the experience.

It was fairly low budget, including such discounts as:

1. First night stay at our weekend house (which is part way to our destination).

2. One free night hotel at the Holiday Inn Express in Bishop, CA (due to points accumulated by my husband who is a frequent club member).

3. Half day ski trail pass purchase only, instead of full day pass. This would be the first time skiing for the kids and I knew they would not be able to go more than a couple hours. (It turned out I watched the time and we were on the trail for 1.5 hours in 2009).

Exposing the kids to a new experience was a success, the kids enjoyed and learned and I was happy to reconnect with the low-impact natural sport I'd loved a long time ago.

Income permitting, we wanted to have an annual mini trip. So this year we spent a little more on the hotel (no free nights), but purchased only 'Twilight' trail passes for the last 2 hours the resort was open.

I splurged on better winter clothing for the kids such as high tech thermal underwear (the Patagonia outlet is in my town and they have deep deep discounts on supremely good gear).

Both trips we rented our skis, boots, poles.

Happily home, I moaned quietly to my husband wishing I had not gotten rid of the gear I'd purchased many years ago.

Whereupon he pointed to the long ski bag atop the highest garage shelf, "You mean those skis?"

Oooooopoooop. Two years of renting for naught.

Ah well, free ski trails, here I come!!

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Free Drop in the Ocean

February 12th, 2010 at 05:48 pm

First I confess to be one of the last remaining persons to join Facebook. I remember when it was the communications-of-choice in the __?__ university shooting only a few years ago. (Anyone got that school name handy? not columbine high school, the college incident).

But my immediate siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, whom I have distant but (hopefully) strong ties to are all ALL active on Facebook. We don't call on the phone much but exchange an occasional letter.

However, just a couple months ago I learned my older sister is 'engaged' through a phone call to another family member who saw she posted that on Facebook!! SHEEEEESH. I need to know about this stuff!!

So I joined and all is good.

Obviously businesses can make a Facebook page. And probably every business in the modern world has done so. Ugh.

But I kept business stuff at an arm's length from my Facebook posts because I wanted to use it mostly for family and friends (real persons I have met).

Also the 'social commerce' advisors emphasize that Facebook is best used just as I mention. Very much for networking and very less for sales.

But it's free and fun. So I made a page for Pretty Cheap Jewelry and opened with the age old question:

Art or Craft - which am I?

I don't think I'll use the biz page heavily but what the heck. I'm sure it will be a case of 'another drop in the ocean'.

Go ahead and 'fan' me (see lower left column of this blog). I need as many drops as I can get!

And btw, my sister's 'engagement' is very casual, that's why she didn't call me!!!