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No Day Job? Got Home Job!

June 15th, 2009 at 01:40 pm

First day of 'vacation', meaning I don't go to 'work'. Staying home on the couch eating bonbons, right? How about:

Attack of the kitchen!

1. Give 409 (or some such homemade organic cleaner) to kids and stand back for spray shower on appliance degreasing.

2. Remove lace valance and hand wash, line dry, iron (omg I hope it doesn't disintegrate)

3. Top of fridge, what's that??

4. Clean tile counters with a little bleach, wear old Tshirt!!

5. You know those thingy's you put on your feet to mop the floor? Hmmmm.

And that is just before noon. OK, ok, will take the afternoon off and PLAY with the kids, or go to the beach, or walk the dog, or ...


Today is the day I SUBMIT an entry in a formal juried art show. My first time ever entering with a fee, $8. LUCKILY I made one sale at the Farmer's Market on Saturday (poo, just 1). Even though it's only $8 to enter I feel hugely better using earnings for the fee instead of my own pocket money.

I'll find out by Wednesday if I make it in the show.

Here's some new work I am going to enter into future shows.

Pressed Plant Enhanced Photo Compositions

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  1. koppur Says:

    good luck!!!!

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