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Watch Giveaway (w/purchase)

May 26th, 2010 at 05:55 pm

Watch faces arrived and they are very nice quality. Heavy construction, stainless steel back, fresh battery. I designed and crafted the watchbands, and am giving away the first one!

Silver and earthtones | Stone and Crystal

Size, Large (8" length total)

NOTE: Slight imperfection numbers 2 and 3 are faded.

First customer at

Text is and Link is gets it with any $25 purchase.


Saved the Best for Last

May 25th, 2010 at 07:38 pm

Not dessert (though I do save that for last). The last piece of sterling silver wire in stock was exactly enough to produce 3 magical rings. Pictures of two:

Turquoise Spellbinder

Flowing curves accented with turquoise and swarovski crystal. Adjustable, sterling, $20.00

Dream Heart

A stunner with absolute flashing swarovski crystal heart and moonstone (a manmade material of almost black color filled with tiny silver inflections). Adjustable, sterling, $20.

Order by special request only, both going to a shop by June 5.

Making the 'Happy Summer Vacation' Box

May 20th, 2010 at 06:45 pm

For the last year (I hope) there will be a decorated 'Take your chance on Fun' box in the summer vacation kitchen.

It contains slips of paper, about half with fun things to do, and about half with chore-type (but not too serious) things to do.

When the big B(oredom) strikes either of my school age kids this summer, they can pick a slip. The catch? The person MUST MUST MUST do what is written on the slip. Therefore, the kid might think twice and go get busy without further problem instead of picking a chore. Or if they are really stuck, they take their chances.

Of course, if any slip involves adult help, (me), I am obligated to play along.

OK. Here are a few of the very low cost, high yield things going on slips...

(after I show off new work)


Delicate curves resemble a symphonic clef in matching necklace and earring sizes. Tahitian style pearl accented with a bit of swarovski sparkle adds class and timelessness. 12K GF hooks, 18" GP chain. Boxed.

1 hour squirt gun war
1 hour water balloon game
bake cookies
make ice cream sundaes
go to movie rental store
play cards 1 hour
trip to the library
trip to the beach
bus ride somewhere in the city

walk the dog 1/2 ~ 1 hour
trim the lawn
sweep the 1st floor and stairs
sweep the backyard patio and driveway
wash windows
trim backyard bushes / trees

Free Magic Show

May 18th, 2010 at 07:55 pm

The more I hang out around my local art association members, the more I am amazed! What a pleasure to be part of great creativity, which undoubtedly rubs off and helps my own right brain think up stuff.

Quick examples -- I'm working on a new collection of science themed gifts (boxed and perfect for graduations) like these:

Seismograph Earrings

Oscillating gold tone wire resemble the earthquake recording!

Celestial Silver

Pure heaven in sterling, stone, and swarovski crystal. Adjustable ring conveys sparkling affection.

Pleasant Surprises
Last weekend a young, single fellow who is a part time artist (with a day job in contracting) had a 'house party' for friends and locals. The attraction was to paint a rock with a 'magic' theme, prizes for the best entries, and a gratis magic show.

I went with my 4th grader who is not yet altogether self-conscious about what/where she does and who also likes to make stuff.

Historic Home
Upon arriving, the first amazement was that this fellow rents a BIG HUGE BEAUTIFUL historic 110 year house on fourteen acres. Omgosh, what a treat. It's pretty bare (he's a bachelor c'mon), but wonderful. I would've never known this place existed.

Painting and Participating
We both got busy, there were dozens of other kids and adults painting from a selection of big and small rocks. There were at least a couple hundred little paint pots to choose from. It was funny how SERIOUS most folks were.

I am not a painter. All I did was try to make a shoe like Dorothy wore from the Wizard of Oz. (how hard would it be to make a red shoe and 'foot', there even was red glitter). My kid though did a very respectable unicorn!

First Magic Show
In keeping with the theme, my friend had a semi-professional magician give a very nice show! My child's first experience! We loved it, he was good enough to fool the adults and tell jokes the whole time for the kids.

Happy Ending
We didn't win a prize, but am amazed at some of the great ideas other's painted. The winning entry depicted two hands gripping the stone on each side, with a magic ball floating in between. COOL!

The day after we went to pick up our entries, and my friend who threw the party was so kind and gave out coffee mugs which have his paintings screened on them (he has them made for promotional uses) for participating. Very welcome gift!!

Post Note
You can see more about this person at

Text is Galaxy Gallery Art and Link is
Galaxy Gallery Art and click on the Art Magic Events (left sidebar)

and furthermore, I went to the library and got a couple kid's magic books this week. My little one is studying and practicing!!

Father's Day Gift already underway

May 12th, 2010 at 07:49 pm

Early planning makes for savings. A couple years ago I had a home ice cream maker. The reason was to prepare wholesome dessert, instead of the chemical weird stuff in commercial ice cream. (My husband thinks a day without ice cream is a day without sunshine. Thank goodness I like chocolate more than ice cream and don't care if it is in the freezer).

Along the way, I could hardly bring myself to add the loads of pure cream that was needed. (I once even mistakenly looked for the 'carbohydrate' content on the cream carton. HA! Cream is pure fat. NO carbohydrates of course. WHAT WAS I THINKING??)

So little by little I tweaked the home recipes to include more milk and less cream. The result was a harder, denser, dessert. And my DH didn't like it!!

So he gave away the machine!!

Fast forward a couple years. My sister wanted to make more wholesome foods for her little one and family. So I went on Craigs and found her one for a mere $15 (plus shipping cause she is out of town).

Ummmm, we just HAD to try it out before mailing. Hoo boy, did my husband and kids love it again. So much that he asked for another machine for Father's day!!

Back to ebay to find an inexpensive, good used one. Nada. A quick search on Craigs and there is another very good one for a mere $15! (must be my lucky $ number).

It's a bit of a drive, 30+ min, but I will go and have a look this weekend and wrap it up.

Sweet. Here's a great sentiment for your next gift giving-

Beaded Needlework Greeting Card

Clever quip on the front of blank card above beautifully detailed branch in pinks, greens and brown. Order
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Diamonds and Chocolate

May 10th, 2010 at 08:04 pm

How's that for a Mother's Day? Let me clarify!

My DH gave me a yummy big Hershey's bar with a fancy wrapper and stamped in chocolate on the front that said 'Happy Valentine's Day'. I LOVE IT! Undoubtedly obtained at a huge discount just moments after February 14.

And the diamonds? Am 'this close' to investing a small part of an inheritance in no-conflict diamond companies. Sorry, this is as close to the real thing as I want right now!! A few shares of stock are intended to be held for my daughter until I am gone. Something I've always wanted to do, and have been researching and reading forum info for awhile. I discussed thoroughly with my husband and we agree.

Hope this gave you a laugh and leaves you with a smile!

Something more good to see - Frugal and Beautiful

Sky Blue Triple Hoop Sparkling Earrings

sterling silver and sparkling swarovski crystal, light as a feather, big as the sky

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