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My DS11 turned $37.04 into...

December 31st, 2009 at 03:41 pm

a pet for a year.

Perhaps you've noticed over the past weeks my gift giving opinion leans toward the active and educational. Especially to unplug kids from video games, movies, computers and cell phones. And encourage outdoor fun such as boarding, skating, biking as well as reading and hand projects.

All of this comes from personal experience of course. I have a tween son who would play computer games 24/7 if I let him. But goes through books like water and is a very practiced drawer because I make him.

We have a medium size adopted dog from the shelter who needed us more than we needed him, and while we are very glad to love him, he has not turned into a big huggable teddy bear for the kids.

My son used to have a guinea pig, also adopted from the shelter, who was alot of work for me, but was with us for only about a year or two. (My DD9 has a long lived guinea pig but that is a different story).

Everytime we visit a shelter or farm with smallish pups that my son hugs and plays with, he wishes he had a pet to cuddle.

So yesterday when we stopped in the store for cat litter (which I use in the guinea cage), he announced, "I'm getting a mouse."

Ok. He had enough gift cash to do it all, including the cage, animal, food and bedding.

We discussed it long enough, mostly that from now on on Saturdays he will change the cage and vacuum his bedroom floor.

So that is what he did with $37.04. Welcome Sasha, a little grey and white female. I completely approved of this choice. Not only is there no electronics involved, but the compassion and responsibility is built in.

She is happy, settled in, and he is walking around with her half the day.

WOOT, he is not even thinking about the computer this morning.

But yes, I confess, he got a cell phone for Christmas for a gift.

Good Things Come in Little Packages
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Wacky Presents my Husband has Given Me

December 17th, 2009 at 05:45 pm

Last week my husband said 'I decided to spoil you' and told me not to poke around in the garage near where he parks his car.

I am not good with surprises, nor am in favor of big expenses which we have not long planned for. Therefore, I post a 'Wish List' this time of year to guide family members in choosing gifts for me.

After much brain exercising, I posted a few very useful and fun items which will help support my small jewelry and craft business. These were especially suitable for the kids to get me: good gel pens, nylon jawed pliers, rubber mallet, etc.

I could not think of ANYTHING major and wrote on the list specifically:

'NO $100 items. Please save the money for *replacement windows for our 2nd floor* *new front tires for my car* *backyard lounge chair (preferably used)* *antique armchairs for the weekend house*

When I was sweeping the garage though, I noticed one of our good blankets thrown about near one wall. Going over to retrieve it and clean it off, when, OOPS, I remembered my husbands warning.

DRAT. POOP. I backed away. But am perturbed over the blanket.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Wacky things he has given me in the past, usually falling under the category:


1. A halogen floor lamp. Must've been when we were fairly new homeowners and needed light in the living room.

2. A bird feeder. Long ago he was an avid birder (dated a couple in college), and guess he missed it. Not what I would have picked out.

3. Slow Cooker. OK, this takes the cake. I could've killed him. If he wants to can, let him learn how to do it himself. Well I didn't say that, and in fact have used it to the max for years since. But it's the principle!!!!!!

Any other silly stories welcome. Thanks for perusing some better choices below.

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Book Trade Anyone?

December 9th, 2009 at 08:29 pm

The morning bus commuter next to me today was reading 'The Geography of Bliss' while I embroidered a quote. She politely inquired on my work and I on her book.

She told me about this book swap site, free at this time, for anyone who wants to trade:

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It's not just for paperbacks, but hardbacks and audiobooks. It's great for kids books.

If you sign up 10 books you are willing to swap, you get 2 points to start. For each point, you get to request one book from someone. When you request a book, it is mailed to you (free of charge). In return, when someone requests one of your books, you mail it to them (you pay the postage). Mailing costs are pretty minimal, maybe a couple dollars a time.

She is a regular, and really recommends this group.

Big Bangs for Itty Bitty Bucks

December 4th, 2009 at 06:58 pm

It's entirely possible to have fun buying on a budget. Consider shopping from my co-crafters on the Etsy Twitter Team (we are a group who belong to both Etsy and twitter).

$5 and Under Wonders

Sweet Handmade Polymer Clay Message for $4

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Loads for Less, 6 Circle Scrubs for $5
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Not just for the bath, this all-cotton crocheted set look great on the patio as coasters. This lady is one hip grandma!! I wish was as good as Sandi at designing a blog like
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this and btw, she is a breast cancer survivor to boot.

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Smart Females Only!
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Jingles below a Jackson

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Precious Words on Precious Metal for $20
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Punky Jane makes 'cents'.

Thanks for taking a minute to look over the hand work of these artisans!