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UnModeling the Boy's Room

June 17th, 2009 at 01:57 pm

'How to Remodel w/o the Re'

Today is the day my DS11 is looking forward to?! We are cleaning out his room. Ok, he's just been saving up him empty gum wrappers to throw away all at once. Bleh.

Anyway, the air hockey table is coming out (assuming I can get the legs off, it doesn't fit through the door). I'd like to sell it on Craig's, and KNOW it would bring at least $50. But husband wants to take it to our weekend house.

Also cleaning off the shelves, hopefully of the clay dragon he made at his 7th bday party, the old car models that he used for demolition derbies. Maybe the books from 2nd grade...

Next the too small clothes out of the closet. Such as the dress shirt from that wedding a couple years ago. A cubscout shirt he'll never wear again.

Then the desk - Oh the desk. Just suffice it to say the thrift store is going to be happy. YUCK!!! Every drawer is filled with junque.

There is a magnetic dart game on the closet door that is going to the Boys/Girls Club. A set of Mega blocks (yes those big ones for 4 year olds) that also goes to B/G club.

A rainbow sailing ship kite on the ceiling that I hope he'll part with. We've flown it at least twice to the end of it's rope. Time to give it away.

And a light pole fixture that never gave enough light is OUT. The only $$ to be spent is on a new one that gives proper light for homework before he needs glasses. Probably a wall mount type, but maybe a better different floor model. No ceiling type (the room is not wired). Unfortunately, light fixtures are not cheap, but I am not compromising on this.

I'm also cleaning out, using up older gem and beads in my stash to make room for new supplies later in the year. A Russian friend gave me some amber awhile ago and here's what I made of the remainder.

Imperial Amber Photo Necklace

Honey hued amber nuggets and abalone shell discs attract interest in this highly styled 18" necklace. Interchangeable photo frame adds even more character.

Not yet for sale, contact me for more detail.

1 Responses to “UnModeling the Boy's Room”

  1. momcents Says:

    Hope the cleaning went well. We de-junqued yesterday as well. The bounty: three big bags of things to leave, two big bags of garbage, a big bad to hand-me-down to a friend. Result: more space on the floor and a closet with doors that close.

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