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Should've I bought more at $2 ea?

August 31st, 2010 at 08:44 pm

I am so NOT a fashion slave and stick to a few pairs of good slacks, and simple shirts for work. At home I confess I'm a slouch, y'know sweats and baggy shirts. My favorite clothes shopping is done at the thrift store or Susie's Deals (new and nothing over $6). I don't think I've worn a dress or skirt for a couple years.

But let me brag about the outfit today! A couple weeks ago at my fav Susie's Deals was a rack of lightweight jean's jackets. I am a petite size, and there were dozens of medium that fit nicely, even cut a bit tapered at the waist. For $2.

Now I am finally getting smarter not buying clothes that are a great buy but not a good deal if you don't wear them much. But how hard is it to take the plunge at TWO DOLLARS??

As I mentioned above, the other jackets I own usually involve a zipper up the front and a hood (and sometimes initials of some school or store). Or are blazers from 15 and 20 years ago (they still fit, ok??).

So I snagged one. I LOVE IT! Here's what it went with:

- Lime green ribbed shortsleeve Tneck
- Nicest pair of jeans I have (think dark blue)
- Black ankle boots
- Silver belt buckle we won at a raffle this summer! This belt is special because we went to the leather store shortly thereafter and had a strap added for $7 which my daughter stamped a pattern for free. SWEET.

And the final touch is a pair of mint green / white earrings I made of course.

These also would look great with today, cocoa dolphin and moon earrings (available at

Text is and Link is for $5.99 btw)

Hammered (not involving alcohol)

August 30th, 2010 at 05:21 pm

When I showed off a recent collection of hammered freehand formed sea life pendants I made to my BIL, he quipped something like 'What were they drinking'. Yes, silly boy humor.

But seriously, I am proud of the new work and am planning a small line of pendants, bracelets and earrings in similar shapes.

Starfish Motif Bracelet

Copper hammered links of ocean sweetheart are accented with glass beads.

Starfish Motif Pendant

Copper hammered starfish outline is enhanced with bits of red coral, dark freshwater pearl, and sparkling glass beads. Satin ribbon.
Also planned: starfish motif earrings

Seahorse Motif Pendant

Copper hammered seahorse is enhanced with bits of red coral, dark freshwater pearl, and glass beads.

Not shown: Copper dolphin pendant. This is already in a shop priced at $24

Thanks for looking!

Rustic Cabin Heaven

August 26th, 2010 at 04:17 pm

A mere 6 hr drive landed us in King's Canyon National Park, just east of Fresno, California.

Being that my better half was a world away for a month working overseas, I had decided to take my kids for a fairly easy short trip to Grant Grove. Visiting the Sequoia's is always a treat and I had heard many years ago the rustic cabins are great.

Fortunately we could travel mid-week which means there were openings for the days I wanted (I reserved only a month ahead) because the camp and cabin weekends usually reserve almost a year ahead for anything Sequoia/Yosemite/Yellowstone related.

What a deal! We used the least costly cabin (about $70/night) for two double beds, sheets and blankets and towels. Showers and flush toilets were in an uncroweded common bath house 50 steps away, used only by the other rustic cabin renters. No electricity but propane/gas stoves allowed (like Coleman).

The verdict?
Highly satisfied! There were enough trails, programs, and time to relax for all of us. The memories and experience were many times worth the budget cost.

Walks to Sequoia trees still amaze. There was a guided walk everyday which we actually missed.

I splurged on a 2-hr horseback ride for my daughter. Also worth every penny!

Casual photo class by a young ranger, my kids were interested.

I planned to bring some meals, and buy a couple. Not able to find my husband's high tech camp stove, I pulled out my OLD Bleuet propane canister backpack burner. It hadn't been used for 10 years and I didn't think I could even get a canister easily but Big 5 Sport right in town had 2 and I snagged them on the way!

Boiled water for morning coffee, tea and soup. Guess what else it was good for?

Oh, and there was a full blown restaurant, market and pizza room another 50 steps away. Easy! We had one dinner and one pizza, the first kinda pricey but we all had kid's meals and the latter reasonably priced and GOOD! The pizza room ran a video movie every night. We saw 'The Last Mimsy' (ever heard of it? good kid's movie).

Thinking the nights would be cold and the linens unsatisfactory, I packed extra sleeping bags, pillows and towels. We never used them.

So THAT'S WHY I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!' (*slaps head*) oh yea...

Red Hot Chili Peppers

August 2nd, 2010 at 02:11 pm

baby eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, zuchinni, and a big long red stem weird lettuce kind of thing are all surplus in our garden. We gave away a basket full at a birthday party yesterday, and my kid had a good idea to have a 'Fresh Farm Produce' stand on the corner in another week. OK, yes!!

It's August, and there really is only one more full month before the Oct/Nov/Dec art and craft shows are a reality. So I am making new stock in ernest!

I've 5 new styles.

Double scroll Earrings (see previous post)
Scrolled heart earrings (see previous post)

Fleur de Lis Earrings

French royalty symbol crafted in navy blue copper core wire dress up any lady. Two fancy curled links swing freely and include a variety of pretty drops (shown top to bottom: white formal elongated faux ivory pearl teardrop, red sparkling glass ball). All w/12K gf earwires.

SPECIAL $5 SALE in my webstore! I'm clearing out older inventory and getting lots of views on this one-

Asian Jadeite Fan Earrings

Classic shape in white-apple green stone, with a subtle shine. Faceted both sides. 14K GP hooks.

Text is here and Link is