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Noticed by 'Cuteable'

November 25th, 2008 at 04:52 pm

One of my cards was featured in this website today

Text is and Link is

Nice to have a little no-cost attention.

November Craft Show Outcomes

November 24th, 2008 at 04:31 pm

The rush is over for craft shows for me. How were sales?

Spotty but profitable. As usual, started off slow and ended in the black. Not enough black to brag about unfortunately, but black enough to continue the schedule next year.

Stronger sales were seen by tchotchke booths (y'know, little pins and decorations, not my style) as well as a soap maker. Larger value items sold slower, ie quilts, glassware, but enough that seemed all of the vendors made enough to cover their fees.

I have one more nice 2-weekend event in December which is an easy set up/take down and don't have to be there to sell. And one more 1/2 day show in December which is a private club boutique.

And DRAT! These were stored in a box and missed the November shows, but will make it into the December events.

3 Cross Stitch Ornament or Gift Tag Set

Can Hardly Believe it's Really Going to Happen!

November 19th, 2008 at 06:02 pm

My in-law family has decided this year to forgo a gift exchange! WHEE! I have always wanted to go this route because they are a fairly big family, and getting bigger every year.

Starting with my husband's parents (there actually are 2 households already: his mom, and his dad and spouse) the count was

- 1st Brother/Wife and 3 Grown Up Kids
- 2nd Brother/Wife and 4 Kids

For an immediate family count of 11 recipients. For the past 6-8 years we all went to my husbands mother's house for a big Christmas Eve family night.

Additional folks would visit including, an aunt on the dad's side (no spouse or kids), a cousin on the mom's side (one spouse and 2 more kids), assorted girlfriends of the brother's teen boys.

Ummmm, I usually tried to bring a few little things for these extended family folks, just happy inexpensive gifts like small bag with hair stuff for the girls, candles for the women, etc.

I was able to be creative and provide for all without straining the bank. But the older folks on retirement were being stressed undoubtedly.

Now most of these kids are all grown up, out of college and a few are married themselves, with little kids!

In fact, the gathering has greatly reduced, only a couple of the grown kids are in state anymore, and (sadly) one of my husbands brother passed away from cancer two years ago.

The party has moved to the oldest brother's house (he is fairly well off and goes all out usually on expenses). He and his wife want to shift the emphasis on a dinner/song singing/boating (he lives on the water) and nix the gifts. YAY! (did I say that already?).

Except for the kids. Now you think, what kids? Well funny, but my kids are the only ones left under age 18 (except the little baby ones not in state).

I'm excited but feel funny that my kids are the only ones going to receive gifts from all these adults! HaHa! Oh well, it's what I've always dreamed of Smile

So NOT a last minute person.

November 18th, 2008 at 06:30 pm

Who was it lately that mentioned in their blog about the teacher/accountant mentality (of doing things methodically, well planned ahead)?

Add me to that group, though not a teacher nor accountant. It's just a Type A trait.

So my gift list is ready and awaiting...
Now I just need the time to tick things off. Drat the day job.

A page from my purse blank Journal

Shopping To Do:

-ToysRUs; Use $10 gift card for small boy item

-Best Buy; Investigate, compare and snag stereo system for husband's gift if the price is right especially if further coupons/deals are available

-Sports Store; purchase Heely's for daughter, pingpong paddles/balls for family gift

-Dollar Store; purchase 3 bath sponges for teacher gifts (already have goats milk handmade soap)

-LinensThings; Check current percent off due to store closing, if high enough and price is right, purchase one or two sets of full size sheets for new mattress at weekend home

Cannot do any of this Tues (work), Wed (volunteer at art gallery), Thurs/Fri/Sat (devote 90% of time to craft show I'm in).

So do you think I can do it all on Sunday? A perfect time as all the family will be away (except me) to the weekend property. MUST take advantage to hide the gifts then!

Tune in another day for the ... Next page in the Journal

DH gave me ideas of gifts for him :D but need a little advice

November 14th, 2008 at 03:19 pm

My hubby is a kid at heart, very positive and open minded. Not to mention happily receives birthday and Christmas gifts.

Every so often I splurge on him (like the year he got a fishing trip to Alaska, ok he already had airfare from frequent flier miles, all I added was the room and the guide). Or the year he got an electric guitar (and he remarked, 'if it wasn't for you I wouldn't get any big gifts anymore in my life').

But most years I keep things practical, it's my nature. And this year he was going to get socks!

Except he gave me some ideas:
- a couple area rugs for our new weekend house. I like this idea cause I was going to get something anyway, and now I have authority to go pick them out myself Smile

- a stereo system which the TV can eventually be plugged into.

OK folks, that one is the question. It's been 20+ years since I bought stereo components -- flash back to college when the more watts the BETTER. I still have that system Yamaha amp, tape decks, turntable, and all.

But I assume people don't do this anymore!

So need: A compact system, not really a portable boombox type thing, w/
-CD/DVD player

I guess I will go to Best Buy? (although Circuit City is closing but then nix on the exchanges or returns if I do it wrong).

Someone educate me in the 21st century!

SOLVED - Big Happy Gift Smallish Ticket Item

November 10th, 2008 at 08:08 pm

My shopping list is smiling!

Have been thinking what to give my 8-yo carefree sunny daughter for a big happy gift under the tree this year (especially after she sees the BIG box containing a skateboard ramp for her brother, and nooooo I do not play those 'must give even number of gifts to children' games...)

Short of a live, breathing, soft furry animal pet I come up with Nothing. Not even a big big doll house that wouldn't get used enough and costs too much.

BINGO! She is an accomplished roller and ice skater and wanted Heely's a couple years ago (those shoes with roller skates in the heel). In the past I was unwilling to spend $30 on them. But she's ready! And now I am Big Grin

Here's the solution - pack them in a BIG BIG box which I have saved from getting a couple bar stools earlier in the year.


Not to mention I am soooooooo bent on sticking to low tech, unplugged, healthy activities for the kids as much as possible. Yes, they have their WebKinz and computer stuff, and yes they can plug in some. But this is the balance.

Perfect! He gets the skateboard ramp, and she can zoom up and down on the roller skates.

Gift Listing - is a good way to save

November 6th, 2008 at 05:51 pm

Start a gift list now if you haven't already. Write down all the expected - AND UNEXPECTED - persons you want to make happy this holiday and the item you plan to purchase.

Keep this list handy! Consult it in your purse or wallet when you are out and about looking for bargains the next 6 weeks.

I find this system keeps me focussed and reduces spending. No need much for spontaneous purchases.

So here we go:

Art Kit (already bought with a coupon)
Daring Book for Girls (already bought)
8-Ball (will use $10 gift card)
Still need one big happy item

Portable Skateboard Ramp (already bought)
Model Airplane (bought with coupon)
Origami Book/paper (need)
Still need one small item

Ping Pong Table (for the weekend house)

Brother and Wife
Need one good item (probably from Etsy)
3 Nieces
Book Store Gift Cards this year

Sister and Husband
Big box of hand me down stuff for her 2 yo already packed
Rechargeable Battery Pack & Batts (need)

2 pr faux or real shearling lined slippers

husband splitting cost of cable sub for her

My Best Friend
Need something unique from Etsy
her son
Model probably

Nice bar of handmade soap and scrubby

only a few additional entries might be made, now the only question is WHERE AM I GOING TO HIDE THE PING PONG TABLE???

Fingers Crossed ... HOPE WISH DREAM

November 4th, 2008 at 08:56 pm

I had an interview today with a very busy coffee house owner to ask if they would be interested to carry my items for sale.

I am a regular customer (once every couple weeks) and back in the spring light heartedly mentioned "I could spruce up those [3 empty wooden] shelves for you!"

Just happened to be cashiered by the owner who very nicely replied, "Ask me later in the year, I just had a baby".

Oooooo. I am like an elephant and never forget.

Today I showed her some samples and met with me for about 15 minutes Big Grin

She was most interested in my Gifted Cards (smarter than your average card) like the one below. And will show the other co-owners before ordering wholesale.

.....It would be GREAT....

These pretty earrings are attached right on the front of a greeting card scripted "Congratulations". Card and earrings designed and crafted by me.