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Gift Listing - is a good way to save

November 6th, 2008 at 05:51 pm

Start a gift list now if you haven't already. Write down all the expected - AND UNEXPECTED - persons you want to make happy this holiday and the item you plan to purchase.

Keep this list handy! Consult it in your purse or wallet when you are out and about looking for bargains the next 6 weeks.

I find this system keeps me focussed and reduces spending. No need much for spontaneous purchases.

So here we go:

Art Kit (already bought with a coupon)
Daring Book for Girls (already bought)
8-Ball (will use $10 gift card)
Still need one big happy item

Portable Skateboard Ramp (already bought)
Model Airplane (bought with coupon)
Origami Book/paper (need)
Still need one small item

Ping Pong Table (for the weekend house)

Brother and Wife
Need one good item (probably from Etsy)
3 Nieces
Book Store Gift Cards this year

Sister and Husband
Big box of hand me down stuff for her 2 yo already packed
Rechargeable Battery Pack & Batts (need)

2 pr faux or real shearling lined slippers

husband splitting cost of cable sub for her

My Best Friend
Need something unique from Etsy
her son
Model probably

Nice bar of handmade soap and scrubby

only a few additional entries might be made, now the only question is WHERE AM I GOING TO HIDE THE PING PONG TABLE???

5 Responses to “Gift Listing - is a good way to save”

  1. kdmoffett25 Says:

    LOL Our neighbors had that problem one year, so they hid it in my garage! Maybe a nice neighbor will offer to hold it. Make sure they don't have kids, we had to hide that thing from our kids too since Santa was bringing it... LOL

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    lol... hiding the ping pong table is part of the fun of it!

  3. lizajane Says:

    Put it in your own garage and tell hubby it's for someone else on the list! hahaha

  4. my english castle Says:

    In my house, you could stack all DH's books on it and he'd never notice. Does it fold flat? Under the bed?

  5. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Hee Hee, nix on the under the bed idea (there is only 1 bed with a space already containing 2 kids keepsake containers, the other beds have drawers under).

    Have thought about the neighbor, just wondering how/when to retrieve so it is still a surprise....(tapping finger)

    This seems to happen every year, a large project cleaning out someplace to fit in surprises!

    UPDATE: Found a 10 project origami set at Michaels for $5! Check off the list for son.

    ADD: 3 neighbor girls (all very close friends) - will use Michaels coupons one at a time over the weeks for them.

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