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Father's Day Gift already underway

May 12th, 2010 at 07:49 pm

Early planning makes for savings. A couple years ago I had a home ice cream maker. The reason was to prepare wholesome dessert, instead of the chemical weird stuff in commercial ice cream. (My husband thinks a day without ice cream is a day without sunshine. Thank goodness I like chocolate more than ice cream and don't care if it is in the freezer).

Along the way, I could hardly bring myself to add the loads of pure cream that was needed. (I once even mistakenly looked for the 'carbohydrate' content on the cream carton. HA! Cream is pure fat. NO carbohydrates of course. WHAT WAS I THINKING??)

So little by little I tweaked the home recipes to include more milk and less cream. The result was a harder, denser, dessert. And my DH didn't like it!!

So he gave away the machine!!

Fast forward a couple years. My sister wanted to make more wholesome foods for her little one and family. So I went on Craigs and found her one for a mere $15 (plus shipping cause she is out of town).

Ummmm, we just HAD to try it out before mailing. Hoo boy, did my husband and kids love it again. So much that he asked for another machine for Father's day!!

Back to ebay to find an inexpensive, good used one. Nada. A quick search on Craigs and there is another very good one for a mere $15! (must be my lucky $ number).

It's a bit of a drive, 30+ min, but I will go and have a look this weekend and wrap it up.

Sweet. Here's a great sentiment for your next gift giving-

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1 Responses to “Father's Day Gift already underway”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Good find! I hope that the machine works and leads to many creamy, delicious ice creams for the family to enjoy. (I can't believe he gave the last one away! He could have at least had some insurance of getting a few bucks for it, right?) =)

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