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Making the 'Happy Summer Vacation' Box

May 20th, 2010 at 06:45 pm

For the last year (I hope) there will be a decorated 'Take your chance on Fun' box in the summer vacation kitchen.

It contains slips of paper, about half with fun things to do, and about half with chore-type (but not too serious) things to do.

When the big B(oredom) strikes either of my school age kids this summer, they can pick a slip. The catch? The person MUST MUST MUST do what is written on the slip. Therefore, the kid might think twice and go get busy without further problem instead of picking a chore. Or if they are really stuck, they take their chances.

Of course, if any slip involves adult help, (me), I am obligated to play along.

OK. Here are a few of the very low cost, high yield things going on slips...

(after I show off new work)


Delicate curves resemble a symphonic clef in matching necklace and earring sizes. Tahitian style pearl accented with a bit of swarovski sparkle adds class and timelessness. 12K GF hooks, 18" GP chain. Boxed.

1 hour squirt gun war
1 hour water balloon game
bake cookies
make ice cream sundaes
go to movie rental store
play cards 1 hour
trip to the library
trip to the beach
bus ride somewhere in the city

walk the dog 1/2 ~ 1 hour
trim the lawn
sweep the 1st floor and stairs
sweep the backyard patio and driveway
wash windows
trim backyard bushes / trees

1 Responses to “Making the 'Happy Summer Vacation' Box”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great idea! Our summer is going to be a mix of fun and new chore routines, too.

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