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Yoga Lessons Wasted

April 16th, 2007 at 03:28 pm

ARGHHH Does everyone else have such difficulties getting their computer upgraded?!

We are still having trouble with getting two home PCs running smoothly with a new DSL service and a wireless router.

1. After taking back a less expensive router about a week ago, the system worked better with a Netgear wireless (it goes transmits well between a top and bottom floor in the house).

2. Then the stupid system still was spotty, couldn't get to my EMAIL!!!!!!! Really a pain.

3. Patient husband wizard spoke to Netzero (our provider) who helped him lower a number in the DSL set up which made the 'packets' of information smaller that go over the line. (I'd like to send HIM a packet). Actually the number wasn't good enough, and husband took a guess at an even lower number which worked better.

4. Now the upstairs computer, which sits NEXT TO THE WIRELESS works okay, not great but at least I can get to my email. The downstairs computer is still SNAFU

I give UP!

It is as bad as your car breaking down. However, after the initial shock of a few days, you get used to NOT USING YOUR COMPUTER as much.

Breathe, breathe, I took yoga 3 years and need to go BACK! WHERE ARE MY FROWNING SMILEYS!!!????

The only good thing is trying to shift energy toward making wonderful crafts for my business with all the open time.

YES-added a beautiful mini-journal to the store as shown below. And the bouquet props are from my yard, so sweet.

1 Responses to “Yoga Lessons Wasted”

  1. Amber Says:

    the bouquet are beautiful

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