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Happy Monday (not always mutually exclusive)

January 13th, 2014 at 06:14 pm

When one of the shops that carried my personality collage cards closed at the beginning of this year, I took those cards and put them in another location that was low on my stock.

Then last week, I got an invite to request rejoining the store (under a new owner). That's happy news! And I also had approached another store last week to see if they wanted to give my cards a try. (I am a loyal patron already, and they are interested in local goods).

But I didn't have any spare funny cards in case either said yes, so I spent the weekend making new ones.

Here's a couple (lousy photos) of the first batch:

Lemon Lime Heads

Girlfriend! This one is supposed to pick up someone's spirit if they have a big birthday, or are getting over a serious illness.

Dog Walk

Admittedly, you've probably never seen a dog walk like this. Got a valentine? Personally, I like the construction chick.

Hope I got you laughing a little!

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