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Physical Therapy vs Grandma Advice

January 7th, 2014 at 05:37 pm

After nearly a year of mostly moderate, but sometimes sharp neck pain that limited normal movement, my husband convinced me to go to the doctor to at least check it out. Perhaps it was a pinched nerve? I usually can figure out what is the reason for my own health problems, and only go to the doc if I am really sick! I ran through the probabilities in my mind on this one: (a) build up from psychological stress held in my shoulders over years and years and years; (b) plain ol' old age; (c) combination of the two. There was no trauma that started this, it was worse some days without reason, etc.

The pinched nerve idea was a good point so I finally gave in.

I like my doc, she didn't suspect pinched nerve and sent me to a physical therapist. I trust her.

Anyone have PT? It was my first time. The woman was smart, figured out exactly which muscle was the source of the pain in a couple minutes. She said the shoulder blade on that side is 'slightly misaligned'.

Folks, if each and everyone of us went to a doctor, there is no doubt SOMETHING would be found abnormal. And the doc would want to correct it.

OK, after 2 appts, I've gotten a picture on correct computer work posture; an exercise for the weak/strong muscle on that shoulder; and the advice to put a pillow under my elbow on that side when I make jewelry. And to pay attention to what strains that muscle and adjust my life accordingly.

For $50.

Pfffft. I am not going back. It's not that she wasn't good, it's that this falls into the 'what grandma would say' category and I don't need to spend big bucks for it.

Off I go to do the exercise, just after I finish my 'mood lift' herbal tea (another expensive faux pas to be discussed in a later post!!)

You can blame CCF and a couple others for the price going up on these!! They advised me to do it after my post yesterday Smile

Text is 10 Percent Price Increased and Link is
10 Percent Price Increased

4 Responses to “Physical Therapy vs Grandma Advice”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Um, yes. Time to get that checked out.

    I just got a prescription for physical therapy for lower back pain. I just thought it was because I hadn't been doing any abs exercises lately, but turns out there is some damage and things out of whack from having children! Yay kids.

    I've done physical therapy for sports injuries in the past, and in my experience, the pts are so much better than doctors. They really explain to you what is happening, why, and what you will have to do in the future to keep from injuring it in the future.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad you know what the pain is a result of. I'm sure I could use some PT for various ailments. And good for you on raising prices!! Smile

  3. Mrs.M180 Says:

    I'd say pin pointing the cause of your pain and showing you how to treat it is well worth $50; unless you were already doing the exercise prescribed and already using a pillow under that arm to make jewelry, you gained the chance to both fix the pain and prevent it from getting much worse as time went on, for less than most people's allergy medication copay. You may even avoid surgery by handling this issue now.

  4. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    good to hear a more complete overview Mrs. M!

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