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There's a Downside to Shopping Early?  YES

December 2nd, 2013 at 11:33 am

I did most of my shopping already (it's not a ton). Gotta do it early to be sneaky and hide the gifts for mostly my kids and husband. All that's left are a few out-of-town family members, a few in-laws, and small things for guests at our annual gingerbread house decorating party.

So what's the downside? Simply that it's hard to STOP shopping and get the extra things that are wished for by the kids. And resist taking advantage of good deals for the next couple weeks.

OK, I have a lock on the wallet! and I threw away the key!

You saw the post about checking your American Express deals? I checked and used only one for a $10 credit on any Small Business purchase on Nov. 30. None of the other offers work for me.

But here an example I'm debating:

Spend $50 and get $20 off at Old Navy (with my VISA). I got this in the mail about a week ago. Today that place has 30% off everything also. Hmmmm. Certainly the 'sweatshop' aspect doesn't thrill me. But I will go and check it out because I really would like a few Tshirts for me and pajamas for the kids.

So do I want to spend another $30.....

In other news, our artist pop up shop is humming along. Nothing earth shattering, but several things are sold every day. FINALLY a jeweled egg ornament was sold yesterday ($25). Also another wire weave necklace was sold that day ($35).

So far I have netted $100 (post fees and commissions). There's 4 more weeks, HOORAY


My daughter started a new tradition a few years ago that I like! We have a few of her friends (and I now invite a couple adults) to decorate gingerbread houses. It's fun, and inexpensive!

Gingerbread House Decorating Party
(1) Buy a couple gingerbread house kits (using a coupon from Michaels or BBB). These are about $8 ea.

(2) Use sprinkles in the pantry, I also pick up sale ones through the year. It is also very easy to think of unusual inexpensive candy decorations, e.g. gum (cut into squares), crushed peppermint canes, slivered almonds. Or you could ask the guests to bring an item to use.

(3) Put up the walls ahead of time so they dry and are hard.

(4) Make a buffet meal: crock pot of chili, boil a pot of spaghetti, and a nice green salad.

VOILA, it is a great way to let out the artist in your guests. They can take home the house, or I donate it to a bake sale/shelter/boys & girls club.

I had time this past Sunday to make some gingerbread cookies for guests who don't have time to do a whole house. My daughter and I did some for practice! She is very creative, these are in today's lunchbox, and my teen son will undoubtedly eat them fast.

1 Responses to “There's a Downside to Shopping Early?  YES”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, what well decorated cookies! Lots of talent there.

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