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What kind of shave cream is in your medicine cabinet?

November 25th, 2013 at 02:39 pm

Will I see a difference? Next week my oldest starts drive lessons, it is a multi-week class from AAA. He can practice on our family car starting next Thurs (after Tgiving). I hope he will be excited! For the first 6 mo / 50 hrs he has to have a licensed driver with him (me or my husband). But I am hoping he will be excited and it will get him out to:

-take himself christmas shopping for his dad & sis
-take himself to community service at the ReStore

Wondering if it will it make him get out more out and about.


Question: If you wanted really good shave cream, where would you go? I'd like to give this as a gift. Need it to be (1) NOT overpriced (2) natural chemical-free (3) available in my area

Answer: ??


Our art association boutique is buzzing along, we have been open 9 days. Not busting out in sales lately during the weekdays, and this past weekend was fairly quiet. But the foot traffic is GOOD and visitors are impressed with the upscale offerings. Keep fingers crossed!


Did a good bit of my own shopping this past weekend, starting with 5 locally owned businesses.

Spice Topia=exotic salts and sugars for my parents
Wild Bath=handmade soap bars for my MIL
Pottery Guild=Goblets for my BIL

and so forth


Have a good day Thursday, please say you're not shopping!!!!

1 Responses to “What kind of shave cream is in your medicine cabinet? ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    No shopping for me on Thursday or Friday. I hope to get out on Small Business Saturday! Smile My oldest is already 16, only has her permit and is not too interested in driving, although she does pretty well when she does.

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