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November 12th, 2013 at 09:50 am

Where are you going to shop for gifts? Please remember to think before you go: is it a small business? an idependent owner? a local business? It's an important time of year for retailers, and especially small businesses. Take a minute now, what are you planning to buy and where are you getting these things. Thanks.

One, Two, Three, Go!
Up first this weekend Pretty Cheap Jewelry was in an independent gift boutique which targeted the arts community. The location is very hidden, mostly only invitees come visit. Each of us sellers had to volunteer to work, so that was half of one day this weekend. The boutique had a very gorgeous variety of artful things, it is stiff competition!! A few of my things sold, including the wire jewelry set below. I think my check will be $60

Next activity? The local gallery I am in at the harbor was offered a vacancy for a temporary holiday shop. It is waterfront, a big advantage!!

A volunteer-intensive proposition though! I spent another half day cleaning, organizing and getting some things put in (along with others). LOTS TO DO! mark out spaces, get an accounting system going, training all sellers how to open/close.

And making it all look cohesive, how to do that? Oh- at zero budget?!

In three places there is a deep shelf under a wrap around corner window. The corners are way too deep to reach merchandise. But those corners are VERY visible to the outside. What to put in the corner window spots?

Someone said GIANT TEDDY BEARS, and that got us started. Old BIG toys? We didn't want to be thought of as a toy store though, so we came up with some great ideas: boxes wrapped like GIANT presents, small tabletop trees we already had, GIANT pinecones bunched with green tinsel.

It will tie it all together and cost very little.
We are opening this weekend, watch for pictures here and HAPPY LOCAL SHOPPING

4 Responses to “WhataWeekendWHEW”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Your work is beautiful. How do you find the time to make it? A lot of late nights?

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Thank YOU Thrift! Not good late at night, sometimes I just have to break things into 1/2 hour sized pieces. Or wait until I have a couple hours free (on the weekend). Many times I volunteer to cashier because it is a good time to work on things for an hour!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I just really love the silver wire work. More so since I've seen it in person now! I am very tempted to have you do a necklace for me for my birthday in February. Very, very tempted.

  4. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    aw shucks, THX
    let me recommend a very very professional person whose work is what most of us strive toward
    Text is www.nicolehannajewelry.com and Link is
    www.nicolehannajewelry.com she (and most others) tend to use large focal stones, I don't
    she (and most others) tend to oxidize their wire, I don't (silver, copper, etc.)
    Her prices are reasonable, I've seen lower priced things on her website but her inventory looks a bit low! She also is very open to custom work especially if you have a design in mind. I consider her things the very best in design, technique, materials, workmanship, and a true original.

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