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Black October (not just the bats and witch's hat)

October 31st, 2013 at 09:42 am

Nice ending this month with a sunny outlook for gift sales! Many good reports to give! Just the past week or so: (1) several pair of my handbeaded gloves sold in the pro shop at the ice rink; (2) fancy pair earrings sold in the local museum shop; (3) special order for a pair of wire weave earrings from a blog reader here.

Add that to other good news this month: (a) fancy wire weave necklace sold quickly on my website; (b) moderate sales at my first seasonal booth earlier this month.

I haven't totalled the income, it's less important than the feeling of customer and retail business support. (And truthfully, the money will be used toward my daughter's fairly expensive figure skate christmas show costume fees).

This weekend the ventura harbor is hosting wine/jazz on Sunday. Looks impressive on paper. Lots of wine tastings, specials and live music. At just our location will be:

Usually the number of visitors to our spot is not terribly high, nor are there a ton of sales. I signed on because it looks like a kind of fun, enjoyable few hours.

One event for Pretty Cheap Jewelry in Nov, two in Dec and that's the end!

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