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Calling all App writers! my idea, your code: Family Chore Genie

October 16th, 2013 at 11:41 am

I've been wrestling with the mid-life hormone beast lately. Lately it had me down, but I'm still in the match! One of the reasons was a universal issue in probably 99.99% of all families with teens ... household chore duties! No surprise there.

Have you, were you consistent with getting your kids to do chores as part of the family? In high school?

Are you, were you able to be cheerful throughout this 'wonderful' phase?


If you are not Florence Henderson, please sit down. If you are, you're not real.

Anyway, I mean not just things only for themselves such as doing their laundry or making their lunch. I mean things that help the family like tidying up after dinner, sweeping the living room rug, or raking the leaves.

So am I completely delusional to think that the kids get on board with being more of a family team? Ok, sort of. I was HORRIBLE at this age, I admit. Worse than my own kids. Which makes me want to get through this in a BETTER way.

Ok, so here's the scene:
We had a monthly job chart. Each kid had several jobs to do (some jobs daily, some weekly, etc.) Their monthly account started at $20 which got deductions of $1 or $2 for jobs not done on time.

It worked for a few months but by the third or fourth repeat, guess what. Things were not getting done, Mom (me) was doing the jobs. The kid was still able to 'earn' some dollars because deductions were not made consistently.

I got discouraged, angry, a bad vibe lived in the house. My hormones wreaked havoc Frown


Instead of ranting at the dinner about how the program has failed I just brought up a fix:

--- Start the month at zero and earn dollars for each job done ---

OK, we had a little Republican vs Democrat stand off!! (guess who wouldn't negotiate?). We had a laugh with that and moved forward with writing up jobs and their price, how to track jobs honestly, and the cap on earnings for example.

It was a successful meeting (take THAT washington).

Here is a sneak peak at our chart:

I am so relieved to have turned this corner. Will it be a long term success? I don't know, perhaps in 3 to 6 months down the road another idea will have to be developed. But to go another few months in a more positive atmosphere is very important.

So any app writers want to make this into a great product and sell for millions? just make me a deal.

4 Responses to “Calling all App writers! my idea, your code: Family Chore Genie”

  1. Nebraska girl Says:

    I really like this idea! We are doing the same thing, a little less complicated as our daughter is 4 so she can only do a few chores right now and they all receive the same amount of money.

    We are starting our kids young in hopes that they will just be use to it when they get older. Right now our daughter actually enjoys doing the chores, because she likes to help right now. I am hoping that if we start them at an age they can enjoy their chores, they may never HATE them - although I'm sure they will someday. We'll see how it goes!

  2. snafu Says:

    Our DSs started doing age appropriate chores by age 3. They wanted to help! As teens chores were ingrained as part of life. Keeping room somewhat tidy, getting laundry sorted and at W/D, clearing your tableware to DW, hanging wet towels in bthrm, no food in bedrms are basic, daily policy. There are age appropriate consequences for failure to follow house rules. We do ETE [Eliminate the Evidence] each evening, about 1/2 hr before bedtime routine. We set the stove timer and we all rush to beat the clock putting away stuff in public rooms, dishes to DW, newspaper/magazines to recycle, games/books put away, pillows fluffed, throws folded, stuff for AM to entry, trash out etc.

    Each of us chose tasks we're ok doing. We pay for organizing, repairing, returning, heavy yard work and task that aren't routine. Saturday AM chores, no more than 2 hours, are divided by wet & dry, teamed with either mom or dad. If DSs have plans for Saturday, we start two hours before they need to leave.

  3. PNW Mom Says:

    Even though my kids are now 18 and almost 22, they always did chores, starting when they were young.

    As they got older, there were times they certainly didn't want to them (DD2 in particular).

    They did receive an allowance (but not if chores weren't done).

    My solution: Take away privleges (tv, computer/internet (except for homework)no going anywhere except school and/or sports practice/games.... and the big one? Their phones. That worked like a charm Smile
    Even though both my kids are away at college (DD2 in her 1st year), they will always be expected to help out when they come home....DD1 would NEVER expect not too and has always done them willingly and cheerfully.

    There is no way I am going to work almost full time (DH too) and have them laying around on their behinds doing nothing Smile
    Good luck!

  4. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Yes working outside the home has brought this to the front burner. Of those things snafu mentioned we are doing. It's not the bringing in the dishes, it's WASHING them Smile and unloading the dishwasher and taking out the trash when it is 3/4 full (without my request!). The taking away is sometimes necessary, only my daughter cares if she gets grounded. But neither do much socially so it doesn't work to great advantage. Yes, maybe not the phone because for us it's all about iPods and video games. A reduction there would work. For now, we'll try positive reinforcement.

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