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Furlough No. 2 Meets 'Going for the most unusual holiday gift'

October 2nd, 2013 at 09:24 am

So we are a furlough family. The effect to us basically will be the delay of paying our home loan off early. In a nutshell: we have been paying our loan off aggressively and have estimated it to be gone in about 3 years. This is designed to coincide with the start of the first child starting college. At that time we would be able to help pay for college with the money previously used for the house loan.

With the unknown of where he might go to college and the cost, we feel confident to be able to still manage. I presume he will have to go to a school that he/we are able to pay for depending on how much we have available.

Two years later the second child goes to school and we will be spreading out the available money.

The good news is I am increasing my work hours to make up a small percent of the immediate income loss.

And we have diversified our income nicely, DH teaches community college at night, we have a rental house, and I have my small (but every little bit helps) jewelry biz.

So furlough meet unusual holiday gift; unusual holiday gift meet furlough.

What you may ask is this?

Answer: a hygrograph
A vintage instrument that measures humidity.

Why would I know?
Last week when on a frugal bday date with my husband (beautiful dinner at home and then $15 improv comedy show), we walked past the thrift store whereupon he pointed to this THING in the corner of the window. "I'm watching that," he said, "it's marked down from $50 to $30, and when it hits $25 I'm buying it."

It was a nameless faceless metal box as far as I could see. WHA?

"It's a weather instrument," he said. How in the world he EVEN NOTICED is amazing to me. Ugh?!

So I made a mental note to secretly investigate. A mere $5 would not break me and giving him Christmas gifts is VERY difficult.

I found out it is a Hygrograph, Weather Measure Corporation Model H-324. Nothing NOTHING pops up like it on google. or Ebay. Leave it to my husband to stump even google.

I don't know if it works, I don't know the real value. It looks vintage, not antique. Anyway, I took it and am in the running for 'most unusual gift of 2013'.

Try to beat that!!

3 Responses to “Furlough No. 2 Meets 'Going for the most unusual holiday gift'”

  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    My sister is a federal employee also. And single. The uncertainty and strain this is putting into our lives is infuriating me. I'm glad you found a cool gift though. Definitely one in a million. And you'll always know how humid it is!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Awesome that you scooped it up! I suppose he will notice it is missing from the store at some point, and will likely have some disappointment about that. Glad you are income diversified. That will make a big difference.

  3. TashaC. Says:

    That sounds like a great college plan. To time a mortgage payoff with college expenses.

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