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At the front of a trend?

September 16th, 2013 at 07:56 pm

Is wire the new black? A colleague in the art associaton remarked to me she first noticed wire jewelry designs about 5 years ago. That's when I did as well, and fell in love with the beauty and fine detail. I made myself a little promise to learn and give it a try at some future time. I knew it would take a concentrated number of hours free time. So I left it on the back burner until this past summer.

Going away for vacation was the key. No housework distraction, no gardening and yard work. Not as much daily computer nor cell phone time sink. I packed my jewelry supplies, they didn't take more space than a make up bag! Wire, beads, tools and a few basic instructions. I crossed my fingers that the airport security wouldn't take away my wire cutters....

(they didn't and on the return flight I learned to even just put any sharp tools directly in the check in bin)

And so I blocked out a couple hours to learn. That was the start 3 months ago.

Fast forward 12 weeks, and here is the latest, seems like I've come along way already.

Copper Christmas Colors

I didn't start out to make red and green, but realized at the finish that holiday colors happened. Sparkling cut red crystal is worked into a 3 strand weave; a glossy unfaceted green serpentine stone drop is the perfect foil. Matching earrings not shown.

My wire work has been quicker to sell at the shops I'm in than past styles. Is it going to be a trend? So far it's been about two a month in the several shops, I don't have a lot of inventory yet so it's hard to stock up anywhere.

Twice when I have been volunteer cashier in the galleries and doing a design on the spot, I've made a sale.

Maybe it's my prices? The simpler necklaces are $25. The more complex are $45. I plan to hold this price point through the end of the year.

Hard to know if wire weave is getting hot. I want to stick with it just for the sheer satisfaction of the design process. And sales are definitely a good feeling.

1 Responses to “At the front of a trend?”

  1. Wino Says:

    That's great! I hope you're right that the trend is trending your way.

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