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September means... a sticky on your wallet

September 4th, 2013 at 06:29 pm

I have such difficulty planning ahead until the new month is turned over on the calendar! (Why is that?!) Now that September is here, I can see clearly now what to do this month and in fact, what to do the rest of the year. (September is special like that in rushing us to the end of the year: only 112 days until Christmas!) On my calendar?

o Girl Scout Nut Sales Chair. My turn!

o Fall Gardening. Plant basil and garlic. Nurture small pumpkins already sprouted on the patio (experimenting with this location, never tried them there).

o Shift from outdoor to indoor fitness. Happy to realize I am able to be active most days a week at least a little, e.g. Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri = lunchtime or after work dog walking, Wed - zumba class, Sat/Sun major bike riding for running errands. The after work exercise will drop off after the clock changes, must compensate with at home Wii zumba for example.

Also on my calendar? This is the most important time of year for small businesses. Let me ask you to remember each time you are about to spend for a gift or to entertain guests from now to December 31: Who are you patronizing? What effects do your spending dollars have?

Put a sticky on your wallet near the dollars so you see it every time you shop ‘Is this money supporting a local or independent business?’

Here’s a peek at what

Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is
Pretty Cheap Jewelry is planning for end of year business…

It was a Labor (of love) Day at Pretty Cheap Jewelry where a collection of distinct new jewelry designs were produced. I set a goal of crafting at least 6 wire weave necklaces and was successful. Some were made using a simpler weave that I knew would be faster and trouble-free to accomplish, but I wanted also to try some new weave ideas which would take longer and need reiterations. A few of the results?

Baroque Set

Silver colored wire formed into graceful curve holds a brilliant red crystal briolette. Matching earrings. This is a more difficult 3 strand weave.

Cool Blue

A central square shaped lapis stone is framed in a silver 2-strand wire weave. Sky blue crystal accent. On leather.

Rythmic Rose Pearl

Like the rythmic gymnastic event, two strands of silver colored wire flutter around a large rose glass pearl. Clear glass accents add sparkle.

Next time: get a laugh at the latest wacky collage cards also from Pretty Cheap Jewelry.

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