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Rich Man In my Dreams was Warren Buffet

August 19th, 2013 at 08:03 am

A few nights ago there was a rich man in my dreams! Sit back and have a laugh at the story...

I was at a conference for small business owners. It was a typical fancy hotel banquet room. Only about 100 people were there, we were all invited because we were supposed to be bright entrepreneurial stars.

Each person was allowed to ask one question. My turn and I was asking some dumb boring question like: What are the best ways to increase your market. And he was starting to answer the same boring principles we already knew.

When I interrupted and said, "What I REALLY want to do is give my potential customers some incentive like... WIN A LUNCH DATE WITH WARREN BUFFET! Would you be willing to do that?"

Whereupon he brightened up and answered, "EXACTLY! See this person has used this opportunity of being at this conference to get the next opportunity. This is the essence of entrepreneurialship!"

I think he said yes, but next in my dream I was with him one-on-one and asking him to sign a paper (for doing the lunch I think), but he was OLD and was kind of falling asleep with the pen in his hand. I felt sorry for him! And walked down the hall toward his hotel room with him for a minute.

Then I woke up!


So now you know the secret to a successful small business Big Grin

Say goodbye to summer vacation, school starts tomorrow.

The good: I ride the bus to work, and save gobs of money on gas.

The bad: Less free time to take care of my jewelry business, housework, and exercise.

Here's where we went the last weekend of summer vacation 2013:

Morning Light at Trail Pass - Eastern Sierras

Horseshoe Meadow

Backpacked in about 1.5 miles, much shorter than the planned 5 miles because I was so out of shape! I also felt altitude sickness at about 10,000 feet. Still the trip was salvaged by camping at this pass, and it was my 13 yo daughters first back pack anyway which she enjoyed.

1 Responses to “Rich Man In my Dreams was Warren Buffet”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Dreams are great! Yours sounds like one to stick with you for a long time!

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