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Lull before the Fall Fundraiser Flood

August 13th, 2013 at 09:01 am

Fall means...back to school, cool temperatures, dry leaves, and FUNDRAISERS. I hoped to have extra cash on hand to meet some of those needs, but haven't saved yet. Here's to hoping for some small income from sales of Pretty Cheap Jewelry!

To spend?
- Middle school magazine sales
- Girl Scout nut sales
- High school track team coupon book

To receive? July earnings to deposit, (Aug earnings not tallied):
- $10 check from the art gallery shops
- $15 check from one museum shop
- $5.50 paypal from online jewelry lesson sales

All the income goes to my small business checking account which can be used for these small fundraiser expenses.

Pretty Cheap Jewelry to be carried by a new shop!
Local goods only at Very-Ventura, now in downtown Ventura. The owners have my funny collage cards and have asked for jewelry. Yay! Grand opening this Saturday 8/17/2013.

Very Ventura to carry a selection of sea glass and wire wrap jewelry handmade by Pretty Cheap Jewelry.

Crystal Trimmed Drop Hoop Earrings - Lilac

Perfectly classic, pear shaped drops on posts. Hand wired swarovski crystals (lilac). Price $24

Thanks for reading!

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