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Teeny Important Add to the Good Will Bank

August 4th, 2013 at 06:50 am

It's been a looooong month July 4 to Aug 4! Yesterday was the return date for one of my foster kittens. She was quickly outgrowing the room I kept her; a master bed/bath/patio. She climbed every screen and gate I rigged over the patio door opening. I had been sleeping downstairs on the futon for the month, and rearranging everything from the area rugs to the toilet paper locations to keep them safe. At 12 weeks old she was strong as a horse, soft as a cloud, smart as a cougar. So inside I knew that getting her a permanent family was important. The county shelter staff had told me at the outset that kittens got adopted fast, and I brought up the subject again for reassurance at the regular check ups by their vet.

But still I had sadness and worried she would be scared, and have a bad experience.

Guess what? The day I brought her back she was adopted within 6 hours!!! by a mom and grown daughter who wanted to love a baby (cause the daughter had a boyfriend break up recently). YAY!!

THe shelter told me when I went back to pick up my 2nd kitten who had been neutered. I am keeping him one more week because my neighbor is adopting him.


It occurs to me that now I have helped 5 cats over the years: 2 when I was single (a coworker had a rescue mother cat that had babies and I took two), a stray that I adopted a few years later, and now these two kittens I've fostered.

Earlier this summer when it was stressful getting these kits settled down I thought 'JEEZ I can hardly handle 2 kittens, is it really worth doing??'

But seems that helping 5 is at least a teeny tiny deposit in the good deed bank. Whew.

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1 Responses to “Teeny Important Add to the Good Will Bank”

  1. scfr Says:

    Yay for the kitties - way to go!

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