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Furlough No. 1 Free Time Fun

July 23rd, 2013 at 07:39 am

It was all work for one of us and no work for the other. My husband was off from Fri through Mon - his first furlough weekend. For me? Work on Fri AND Mon, a departure from my usual part time status.

Many good results!

1. My additional work hours are approximately making up for his pay loss. Of course we still have an overall decrease in income, but my pay was used more for extra improvements in our lives over the years such as: bathroom remodel (we did the installation ourselves), solar panels on the house, lots of figure skate costs (equipment, coach expenses, entry fees), even buying land and a rental house.

2. My husband took advantage of the long extra days off and went backpacking. And fell back in love with the trail!! I couldn't go (working!) and my teen son passed but my husband didn't give up and found a way to make it happen. He went with Sierra Club on a not-to-far-away trip that was still challenging. HE LOVED IT. The leader was fabulous and supremely interesting. The location was a major treat, and the whole experience was a dream come true. Now he wants me to go next chance I have (HA, WHEN?!)

And other fun results? I went to a produce exchange on Sunday. It was small, about 10 people, and I brought some of the more interesting things: green beans, sunflower seeds, nectarines. But we also reaped some fun. My daughter brought a friend who picked out a tomato seedling for her house.

It was also a big art fest in my city last weekend and I invited my boss to meet me at one of the galleries on Sat night. She showed up with a friend who in fact by chance saw an old dear friend at the gallery. It was wonderful to see the reacquaintance of these folks.

Tomorrow is a big big day - my daughter skates in the ISI International Figure Skate Competition in Anaheim - wish us luck!

Opening Move Practice

7 Responses to “Furlough No. 1 Free Time Fun”

  1. snafu Says:

    How wonderful that DH was able to turn 1st furlough time from negative to a positive experience. I've just read a new study that has spent years tracking outcomes for participants who turn negative challenges into positive results and those who vent and verbalize 'tough luck' but unable to move/use what they've learned to push past their barrier.

    DD's lines look elegant, best wishes in competition. Does DH have plans to earn PT income, perhaps small reno community Handy Man? Just run a free ad on CraigsList or popular e-site in your community.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    thx snafu ~ we already moonlight; he is a community college professor at night (great money! but he does it for the love and certainly having a captive audience for his jokes doesn't hurt), and I have the small jewelry home biz. Seems we are just the productive types in general.

  3. laura (momcents) Says:

    Lovely daughter. Good luck to her tomorrow in Anaheim. Are these pre-qualifying for something bigger?

  4. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    This is just a big worldwide 'meet' like a swim meet. ISI (INternational Skate Institute) is comparable to the minor leagues of USFS (US Figure Skate). It is for those with beginner skills (though still somewhat rigorous) and many older skaters that used to or never did compete more seriously (past olympic age). My daughter is not truly dedicated to skating in her heart, I'd give her a 6 out of 10, but it is a very good sport, wholesome and fitness for life, that I very much support.

  5. Miz Pat Says:

    You guys are GREAT! Best wishes to your daughter, and reading about the fun the hubby had backpacking is tremendous.

    My place of work is having demotions and planned layoffs of 37 people at the end of August and everyone has been so depressed. Hearing how you have used all this for an opportunity and how you have controlled things by your frugality is very inspiring.

  6. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Thx MS Pat!! The first thing I want to do with unplanned free time is ... EXERCISE!! Walk, hike, bike, free fitness. Doesn't everyone?! And we've had the equipment from BK (before kids). I hope my backpack still fits my now middle-age hips Smile

  7. MonkeyMama Says:

    That's Great, that he used his time well.

    I know already we don't think like most people. Big Grin But, I always thought furlough was a GOOD thing. My spouse got to keep his job an extra year; we saved 100% of his income. He just took advantage of the free time and enjoyed it. (He was furloughed for a year or longer, 2001/2002). I just don't remember feeling anything negative about the situation. At the time, so many friends and family were unemployed. An 80% full-time job was better than none. His job did eventually sink, but it was a very small employer and the furlough was an honest effort to save the business and keep jobs for everyone. (& we moved on before it totally sunk; appreciated the extra time).

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