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Building a Better Bargain Bouquet

May 29th, 2013 at 12:06 pm

When I was asked last summer to have a table at the ice rink figure skate competition, I jumped at the chance. To be the exclusive gift seller!! A rare occasion for a jewelry crafter!! Though there would be a photographer, a bake sale, and a florist also at the event, these were not really direct competitors for my wares.

What I learned that year was that proud parents (and grandparents, relatives and friends) really wanted something to give the skater as a 'congrat' gift right when they came off the ice. Y'know like the audience throws to the figure skate champions on TV. A little bouquet, a cute stuffed animal, etc.

However, I am not a cute teddy bear maker. I want very much to offer my own original work. So, I started scheming..... What could I make that would be:

1. Attractive to give as a little reward on the spot
2. Inexpensive to make
3. Priced to move

I decided to do something like a bouquet, but NOT fresh flowers because that was already going to be sold by another vendor.

FIRST I Looked around at the supplies I had on hand. Using things in stock is obviously the first way to save money on producing new merchandise.

I zeroed in on a stash of big feathers that I've picked up on the ground over the years. These were naturally shed, and obtained simply from collecting where I found them. There were 4 hawk/raptor types and a few peacock feathers.

What to add to the feathers? A feather bouquet would be great, but I did NOT want to spend and buy more. So I racked my brain....artificial flowers? too much like the real flowers that would already be there. dried plants and grasses? if they were durable and I could collect from the roadside.

Then I remembered a felt bird my duaghter had made for a school puppet show. I had saved it and took it out. It was about the right size and style so I decided to reuse it and make more. Felt was not expensive. I happened upon some very delightful textured felt for 10 cents a sheet and snatched up 8 sheets.

A few bargain additions later and here is what is going to become a bird themed bouquet:

Bouquet makings (l to r): ostrich feather (50 cents), grey felt bird (10 cents), hawk feather (free), red felt bird (10 cents), red paper mache egg

Still to add, perhaps some dried grasses or tree branches (free). Combine at the handle with florist tape (I already have) and cover the handle with fancy ribbon with long streamers (I already have also).

I only have enough to make 8 bouquets, they will be priced for ??

what do you recommend?

1 Responses to “Building a Better Bargain Bouquet”

  1. littlegopher Says:

    Your bouquets are very pretty, but I agree with a poster on your last entry - please check into whether you can use hawk/raptor feathers (even ones you found,) especially as you intend to sell the bouquets. Try looking under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. A potential fine would definitely negate the savings of those free feathers. I'm not sure if it depends on your location, but worth a look.


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