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Ostrich Dove Hawk Mash Up

May 28th, 2013 at 02:16 pm

Not something for dinner, it's about what to make for a gift booth I am holding at a figure skate show this summer. Something that is attractive to all ages, pretty, affordably priced and perfect for giving to a skater coming off the ice as a congratulatory gift.

And here's what I have to start with:

-Feathers, Hawk and Peacock. I have 4 very large (6-8") hawk feathers I picked up over the years in the country. Buff color, some stripes. Also a few peacock feathers, small 'eye's, some just spears.

I wanted to use these feathers because:

1. There is no cost to use them!
2. They are universally appealing if I could only figure out how to make them into something nice/pretty.
3. They need to get used so I can reclaim the storage space in my house!

My first idea was to make some sort of feather bouquet. But what to mix in?

I strongly wanted the supplies to be free so I racked my brain!! I looked around country areas near town for dried grasses, cattails, and such. Not that much available but I got a little.

Then I remembered my daughter had made a felt dove for a puppet show class assignment. I had kept it and pulled it out of my sewing bag. It was about the right size and was graceful and charming. I loved the prospect of reusing!

At Joann's for another project, I happened to see very nice textured felt in the clearance section for 10 cents a sheet. OK! The grey and red colors would be great for making more felt birds. I was happy to take 8 sheets for a mere 80 cents!!

There was also a pack of 6 paper mache eggs for $1.25 in the clearance section. Hmmm, I took it. At home it hit me!! OF COURSE, I would paint the eggs in fancy patterns and add into the bouquet.

Finally, at our weekend property I made a trip to an ostrich farm, hoping to find some stray, FREE, feathers. They give visitors tours and have a nice little shop. There were no free feathers, but I picked out 6 poufy big ones for 50 cent ea.

OK, so far the cost:

3.00 ostrich feathers
0.80 felt
1.25 paper eggs

Add: time to sew doves, collect dry plants, ribbon to tie up the bouquets (already have)

There are enough supplies for 8 bouquets. Come back tomorrow to see the example!

3 Responses to “Ostrich Dove Hawk Mash Up”

  1. anon Says:

    Some hawks are migratory. You might want to google "illegal feathers".

  2. snafu Says:

    I've always wished skaters used decorated head bands or mini 'Fascinators' to support their costumes and add some 'bling' or glitter in their hair. They would be practical to keep hair in place and a great deal more attractive than pins used. I know the judges are looking at their feet but fans an supporters like me who buy tickets look at costumes, hairstyles and smiles.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Next solo number my daughter is doing will be slow and serious, and I will ask her if she wants to use a little tiara thingy in her hair. I think there have been the occasional fascinator in our events, the overriding issue is making it stay in place. They are really jarring the accessories around out there! Snafu I'll watch for the hair bling ideas this summer, especially at a world meet we are going to in Snaheim and give a report/photos in the future!

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