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Funny Little Frugal Farmers Group

May 20th, 2013 at 01:33 pm

I went to a produce exchange over the weekend. It is a small city-wide group, completely volunteer organized by a backyard gardening enthusiast. About once a month, somewhat more frequent in the summer, an exchange is scheduled at someone's house. The leader sends out an email, an event is posted in the FB group.

The premise is simple: bring some take some. A wide variety of backyard fruits and veges are suggested, and also including flowers - small plants - bulbs - seeds - dried herbs.

This is only about the 3rd one I attended, and am getting a feel for the group.

I was hoping that it would be more of a drop in atmosphere, more freedom for my weekend schedule. The exchanges have a starting time at noon on Sat or Sun. But I find out that things are gone in 15 minutes, the whole thing is over in 1/2 hour!

So here's the scenario:

-Everything goes on a table in middle.

-Folks sit or stand off to the sides eyeing the stuff!

-When the leader/host decides the time is up for latecomers, they say OK to start.

-Watch out, coming through! People kind of go at it! The good stuff goes fast first.

This time there was a beautiful basket of big avocadoes, some very nice started heirloom tomato plants, lots of lavendar stalks, potatoes, oranges, loquats, sunflower seeds, etc.

My other observations?

* Our garden seems to be one of the higher producers compared to what others are bringing. I brought almost a dozen BIG long onions (bulbs and big green leaves). Our garden also has (but I didn't bring) celery, chard, avocado, potato, oranges, marigold seed, pumpkin seed, wildflower seed.

* the attendence varies, usually a dozen come though sometimes less and sometimes more

* seems to be less of a social group, more of a frugal group but maybe I just don't know people well enough to chat for while.

Well, I still plan to go to as many as possible because we have WAY too much food in our garden!!

So it will be salads, and fruits and veges to go with the ----- 35 lb of halibut ----- my husband is bringing home on the plane from Alaska tomorrow!

Yes, he went up there fishing with a colleague. Well deserved vacation for him. His friend has an oil well (in Texas? not sure) that is raking in $10,000 a month recently. And therefore paid for most of the eating out, extras for my husband! (not the hotel or air or charter). Anyway, yes, there's moose out the back door, and the whole nine yards.

Here's the first day's catch...

Clearing out the freezer (some more) today!!

1 Responses to “Funny Little Frugal Farmers Group”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Sounds like an interesting group. Maybe could be more organized. Big Grin

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