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Dance Costume Fees make me MAD

May 6th, 2013 at 12:27 pm

My daughter had her first figure skate solo. A two minute solo, with mostly older moves she has mastered for months. Except one very important move, the axel, which is the game changer for skaters. It's like going from elementary to junior high. Or picture books to chapter books.

The axel is the stepping stone to those advanced jumps you see by the champions. She started trying about 18 months ago, and got the first landing about 4 weeks ago. (Some take 2 years to get it!). Then it takes more weeks to not trip, fall and land it consistently.

Her coach decided to put an axel in the program she skated for a spring recital show this weekend. So not only was she nervous to be out there and have THE WHOLE ICE TO HERSELF (hardly ever before), she was nervous about landing the axel. She did NOT fall!! I was so happy - this is a very big confidence boost.

Take a quick peek, she's whizzing by! Smiling! I'm up on the top row of the bleachers. The zoom on my phone camera destroys resolution, but I wanted a candid!!

My title refers to a different cost. The skaters have a regular dance class to help develop presentation and the dance class also does a number at the spring show. So we have to buy a costume for for the dance number, mostly brand new and custom sewn for each performer.

This time it was a pair of sparkly black leggings and a flimsy t-shirt (the kind that is ripped in strips on the back!). That cost was $60. Oh, then a pair of store bought suspenders and a plain black tie was added. For another $10. THEN!!! we had to come up with a pair of hot pink ankle socks at our own cost.

Argh. $70 for that?! I am so mad. It seems to me this teacher does not have ANY sense of money. NONE of that stuff is usable for anything else. This happens EVERY year for shows. She just does not seem to think far enough ahead to plan for reducing costs in costuming.

I am glad she uses garment designers making clothes in LA. But it's very discouraging putting up the money without being able to say anything.

The dance production is usually very good, the results are very impressive. It's so hard to keep an objective perspective of how to give your child this privilege and keep your logic financially as a parent.

Here's a peek at the dance number.

All will be well, I just need to rant.

2 Responses to “Dance Costume Fees make me MAD”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That is about the same cost I paid for recital costumes. I know the director ordered them from a catalog. They were flimsy as well. I paid for the whole year in advance and the reduced price basically made up for the cost of costumes. Maybe some of those pieces will come in handy for a Halloween costume. My girls used to play dress up in theirs after the recital was over.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Some of the outfits are good quality (we had a ruffly dress once that was great). But just so frustrating because I am such a comparison shopper on garments, or at least on those portions that are not made to order.

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