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Where and When the next RAK will take place

May 3rd, 2013 at 11:03 am

Would you consider the donating of refreshments and supplies to an event a Random Act of Kindness? Not really. A RAK should be done person to person or a close fascimile. (Remember that word?!) Anyone want to give a definition of RAK? (comment below)

Today will be a Random Act of Donation kind of day. There is a Mother's Day tea party at our harbor art gallery this Sunday, open to visitors. It's the 3rd year and has been growing in attendence. Last year the visitors sipped drinks, little refreshments, mothers received a rose, and with their kids made a party hat from wrapping paper. And, yes, it boosted sales at our shop!

Naturally, the art gallery membership provides the supplies and volunteer time. Enter the donations!

I will be giving:

3 rolls of wrapping paper - we pick up at the after Christmas sales at a ridiculously low price (sometimes a quarter or two, maybe a dollar). My DH just got a little too much and I am happy to give some away!

2 plates fresh fruit picks - someone at work left a bag of oranges (backyard) and there are too many lingering. OK, I will slice them and fold onto tooth picks with an added farmer market strawberry. Cost of strawberries $5 for three baskets and I am only going to use 1 basket.

Flowers from the yard - last year I had some roses to donate, but this year the roses are not ready. Instead, I will make a few little bouquets with some snapdragon stalks, carnations, sages. Happy to clear out so I can plant summer things anyway!!

I'll be taking these gloves to the shop as part of my payback (hope they get purchased in coming weeks).

Updated Vintage White Gloves

And I will watch for the chance to do a RAK during a lunchtime walk. Stay tuned!

1 Responses to “Where and When the next RAK will take place ”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Cool gloves!

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