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Best Use by May 8 but still good for RAK No. 2

May 2nd, 2013 at 01:17 pm

Besides declaring my 'vegenearlian' diet, the other new step in my life is doing regular random acts of kindness. The first one this month was at the 99 cent store where the (homeless type of) woman in front of me was getting a water, bag of cookies and something else for between $2 and $3. She had a handful of coins but was short. I made up the difference. Not surprised that she didn't really express appreciation, but I know it was probably inside and hard to say. It was good for me to help.

Then several weeks ago I was up in the top shelf of the pantry retrieving a container to be used for donating refreshments to a reception. Ah! I forgot! There was a Gingerbread Train Kit from last December that I stashed because we just had TOO MUCH last Christmas.

It was marked 'best use by May 8' and I figured that was enough time to make it of good use. I made a mental note to give the train kit to the next needy kid I found.

Days went by and I forgot here and there. I saw it a couple more times and decided to take it out last night. There is a very very objective and local charitable group right near work with a store front called the 'Unity Shoppe'. It is a consortium of faiths and I knew they would have a kid who could use the gingerbread fun immediately.

So Random Act of Kindness #2: Walked in and asked them to give it to the best kid they thought of. The two ladies at the checkout looked at each other and kind of winked and made a 'I know just who' nod to me.

Wish me good sales this Sunday at our first Sundays free at the local museum gift plaza! I'm taking some of these...

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Daisy Field

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2 Responses to “Best Use by May 8 but still good for RAK No. 2”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Is that a Mucha drawing on the second one? Very pretty!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    thx, it is simply cut out from a magazine ad and I don't know the artist.

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