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Meatless May - Trial Period Over

April 30th, 2013 at 05:31 pm

Giving up meat for the month of May, anyone want to join me? The local morning radio jock (a very typical dad) announced he wanted to go red meatless for better health. It was all I needed to jump on the bandwagon. Easy for me, hard I assume for him.

I'm already fairly meatless, but want to take the next step for environmental reasons. It is obvious that industrial farming has gone too far away from wholesome practice. Genetic voodoo, overfishing, water resource destruction, fuel and air impacts. Enough. I will do at least what one person can - stop using those things in my life.

The past 10 days have been a trial run. It's going to be easy to take out red meat. I have no desire for beef, pork. What came up?

No BBQ! ok, sad but will give up ribs, tri tip
No Greek Gyros! ok, but yes to the mousaka!!

Our house has a permanent supply of salami, sausage, and ham. Mostly because of my Italian descended husband. They are also good for getting some veges into my kids when made into a sub sandwich. However, I was not raised with those cured meats as much, and truthfully don't crave them EVER. Vege subs for me!!

Chicken is going to be hard to take out of my diet. It's not on the plan, but that is the way I'm going. Except for the occasional backyard bird (my neighbor raises) I'm not trying to be vegan, just almost vegetarian. Same for fish. Nothing except what we might catch on occasion or perhaps that is absolutely approved by the Monterey Bay SeaWatch list.

Maybe I need to coin a new word that means 99.9% vegetarian; how about


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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Those would be gorgeous bridesmaid gloves.

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