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Store Closing Sale ... Awaiting Bigger Discounts

April 16th, 2013 at 05:48 pm

About 2 weeks ago I wrote about a nearby bead supply store that lost its' lease and was going to close. This shop is on my lunchtime beat, I easily walk there and loved the convenience of getting small jewelry parts within a day of needing them. Their prices were not great, but the selection was different and sometimes better than the big craft stores.

Though it was sad to know they would be gone, I was excited about getting a load of supplies at major reduced prices. But alas! The markdowns were very modest the first two weeks, eg 20% and 30% at most. Some items went down 50% the third week, but not on the most desirable supplies. I was hoping to stock up on precious metal wire (sterling or gold filled) and special stone beads, such as gemstone or exotic types. Nope.

Their last day is Saturday and I will give it a last try on Friday. If big discounts are not going to happen then, I'll save my money!!

In the meantime, I've been busy with a new love!

What would you do with:

- empty corrugated cardboard boxes
- cartons from cereal, soda, shoes, and you name it
- fabric scraps
- little crafty supplies such as artificial flowers, ribbon

Well, I seem to have loads of those things. So at no cost but time, here's what I'm doing:

Hand Built Decorated Boxes
Using a pattern from a 'how to make fabric covered boxes' book, these boxes are built from reused packages. The book contains 20+ patterns, shown are a couple with lids and the diamond shape.

Purple Daisy Box

Purple and white dotted fabric outside, mint green satin inside (not shown). A field of white daisies is scattered on the front and lid. Tiny purple beaded trim edges the top and bottom. The lid pull is a ceramic bead.

Green Berry Box

Covered in a forest leaf themed fabric of gold, green and wine red outside. Wine red velvet inside. Wine red rope trim at the top and bottom edges, felt green stencil trim also at the top edge. Artificial berries and leaves decorate the lid, sage green ceramic lid pull.

To be honest, I am batting .500! Shown are the two boxes that came out great, there are two boxes that came out less nicely and I am going to give away.

The time involved is fairly lengthy, but the cost? NOTHING!!

Next up! Boxes decorated with paper. Stay tuned!

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Your boxes look cool!

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