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Calling all Librarians!

April 10th, 2013 at 09:34 am

The middle school library turned down my offer to donate the books below. I have put them on [url]www.paperbackswap.com[/url] - request from me if you want them for your school or town library. They are hard-bound for library (reinforced and have clear cover); I got them from our city library sale shelf.

If you are not on paperbackswap but a blogger here on saving advice and I recognize your name, comment below and I will get with you over email to do a swap.

Stephen Hawking, A Life in Science
by Michael White, John Gribben

LeMond, The Incredible Comeback of an American Hero
by Samuel Abt

Also this one which I did not offer the librarian, but a good middle school/high school level topic:

Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise
Gaylord Nelson

Thx for reading!

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