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Filling Up the Comfort Food Craving

March 20th, 2013 at 09:41 am

Remember those vintage cook and craft books I wrote about yesterday? They have been a fun diversion to sell in my Etsy shop (see sampler left side bar).

No sooner than I posted about comparing my prices to same items on Ebay, than someone swooped in and bought 5 of my books.

I thought maybe she would be making a better kind of Easter basket, say with a vintage craft or cookbook and some retro supplies or kitchen tools.

{ HEY ** that's a good idea! Thrift and antique mall supplies** }

In fact, she remarks "I love that all your vintage books were so affordable. No, they're not for Easter baskets. I'm excited to work on vintage stuff. It seems it's in style again, not that I care really about what's in style, I just think it will be fun to work on some new projects. "

Happy to reel in about $10 on the deal!

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