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Beating the Ebay Prices -or- selling Americana to Madrid

March 19th, 2013 at 10:12 am

Some of you are ebay sellers, and rather than learn that venue, I have put a number of vintage craft and cookbooks on my etsy site since they allow supplies and vintage.

The books are from my neighbor's storage. At the end of a yard sale late last year, she was packing things up to donate to thrifts. I saw the box of booklets, all softcover midcentury (1940s through 1970s) types. Some were in fact, her own mother's and saved in her garage. Very good condition, none were damaged much at all.

I did a quick search on etsy for a couple titles and saw only a few listings. Perhaps books appeal specially to me (I love to hand bind journals!), but I hated to see them likely end up in the recycle bin. So I told her I would give it a try selling the best on line.

Yes, a time commitment, but not terribly alot. The hardest thing was taking and editing photos which I made a low priority to do after other commitments.

The pros and cons?
~ Cost $0 up front

~ Cost 20 cents every 3 or 4 months for the Etsy listing (another reason to forgo ebay!)

~ Earn $2 a sale (she didn't have expectations about what I gave her per sale and would take $1 ea)

~ and the most subtle but important? I KNEW these items would bring a whole new group of people into my etsy website that would not otherwise see me.

I planned to sell at a fire sale rate, instead of tinkering with price to find the optimum supply/demand spot. But just to be sure, I checked what the going rate for some of these books were on ebay. Interesting comparisons:

Ebay = $16.50
Mine = $2.95 (sold)

Ebay = $7.99
Mine = $2.95 (sold)

Ebay = $0.99
Mine = $2.95 (sold)

Some appear to be more valuable, but I don't feel bad about selling too low. I do not have appraisal tools, and my objective was to sell quickly and make a little profit. And to *attract new visitors to Pretty Cheap Jewelry* !!

The vintage books have been selling and getting views steadily! The most amazing so far?

This one sent to Madrid, Spain last week! Not only amazing that someone there wants it, but they paid international shipping of about $24 for a little three dollar book. OK!!!????

Ebay $range = 4.99 to $19.77
Sold by me = $2.95

This one went to Canada. Again they paid a significant $16+ for a measly three dollar book. Since this booklet was about a specific localized program, I have to presume the buyer knew about it personally.

Ebay = $35.00
Mine = $2.95 (sold)

The pictures are charming, if this doesn't remind you of women's lib, nothing will. Still available:

Ebay $ range = $0.99 to $17.50
Mine = $2.95

The results have been satisfactory!!

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