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Birthday Wish Outcomes and Unexpected Surprise!

March 18th, 2013 at 10:59 am

Last week I posted birthday wishes, want to see the outcomes?

Wish 1. Neatly made beds, neatly folded put away clean clothes.

Outcome 1. I didn't think this would happen and I was right! The objective was to give my teen kids an opportunity to do something for me that cost $0!!

Wish 2. Cozy sweatshirt.

Outcome 2. Nope. Oh well, my son gave me one he grew out of about a week early (at my request) already.

Wish 3. Wii Zumba 2 (used).

Outcome 3. DANG! I was sure this is why Dad and son went to the video game store a couple days before! But alas, nope! Anyway, I am still pretty happy with my Wii Zumba 1 and have a good few months of workouts to do with it.

Wish 4. Trip to downtown LA wholesale fabric area.

Outcome 4. We had to postpone because my daughter, who wanted to come along, has a major school assignment and could not afford to take a whole Sunday off from that. I have told her we will do the trip when the project is finished in hopes she will work faster/smarter on that project. (The subject of a whole different blog post!). So no birthday trip, but I will do this for my small biz later.

Wish 5. Good long bike or hike day trip.

Outcome 5. Yes, this was accomplished as wanted! It took the place of #4 above, and a good time was had by my wonderful husband and myself.


But the surprise?!

BAD NEWS! A bladder infection, UGH!!!

I am the type not to go to the doctor unless I REALLY have to. This was obvious, it came on suddenly and unmistakeably starting at about 3:30. Wahhhh!

GOOD NEWS! My HMO insurance has an evening urgent care practice in the same office as my regular doctor. Whew! I was much happier to go there than some out-of-plan or emergency (more expensive) place.

The whole thing was textbook, the doctor came right to the point and fixed me up! Just the way I like it!!!

And OMGosh, the whole thing - doctor and medicine - cost a big $32.18. YES you read that right THIRTY TWO DOLLARS and EIGHTEEN CENTS. Whee!!

Happy Monday!

1 Responses to “Birthday Wish Outcomes and Unexpected Surprise!”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    glad you're better!

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