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What do I want for my Birthday?

March 12th, 2013 at 02:13 pm

Not one to let others waste money, I put a list up many days or weeks ahead of my birthday for gift requests. Ditto for other holidays. Nevermind if I am not surprised, smart spending is one of my pleasures. When my kids were little, I was sure to put on the list things they could buy with their teeny little savings that would make for happy giving.

Tomorrow is my birthday and what's on the list?

1. Neatly made beds. I don't really think this is going to happen.

2. Neatly folded clean clothes in drawers. Ditto.

3. Cozy hooded sweatshirt. I have stocked my son with half dozen or more of these over the past few years (must be a preteen fashion thing). Happily he gave me one that was too small for him last weekend when I made a passionate appeal.

4. Wii Zumba 2 (used). Aha! I think the teen boy actually went and obtained this for me!! Yippeee!

5. Trip to wholesale fabric district in LA. We were not able to make it though last weekend, just not enough free time. It won't happen for the birthday ocassion. Maybe in April just for regular small business needs (my teen daughter will accompany me).

6. Good Long Hike or Bike. Granted by my husband! The two of us went on a long bike day trip (instead of #5 above) last Sunday. A great way for fitness, a stop at a thrift store (for the exact display hook I needed for my jeweled eggs), and a Buy One Get One lunch sunday only restaurant.

My family is still very thoughtful and gives in other little ways.

A. My husband 'bought' a Target gift card from my son (who had gotten it for his bday and didn't really find anything there) and gave it to me! Sweet!

B. My daughter is going to be Cake Boss and do some elaborate cupcake decorating tonight (fondant ready!)

C. Maybe my folks will send me $$ ??

See you tomorrow with the report!

3 Responses to “What do I want for my Birthday?”

  1. MissAngel Says:

    I like how you have a mix of 'things' and 'dos' on your list. Happy Birthday a day early!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Happy 'early' Birthday to you...I hope your wishes and dreams come true!

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I like your list. Happy birthday!

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