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Birthday Freebies Rolling In

March 11th, 2013 at 09:52 am

So does the little chinese food restaurant in your town give you a free dinner on your birthday? One here does, but it is an all you can eat style buffet that's a little pricey. We tried the birthday freebie once many years ago, but really couldn't make the total cost for the family worthwhile (even with 1 free person). I just don't overeat now anyway!!

It's funny how the birthday hook is used to get sales! This year's tally so far (birthday is Wed):

Use or not to Use?

1. Lunch from co-workers. Yay! This is one of a couple years I finally get reciprocated. After taking out others for (seems like lots and lots of) years, the boss already said they will do it for me on Wed.

Use? YES

2. $10 off JCPenney. But only when using their credit card. I love the other 'no strings attached' $10 coupons from them during the year (Mother's Day, Christmas), but not this one.

Use? NO

3. $10 off dinner at Spaghetti Restaurant. This came via a discount card I subscribe to for the year (lots of BOGO dinner, 10% and 15% off at stores around town, etc). The good thing? the spaghetti coupon can be redeemed anytime during the month! I took my kids there once on a BOGO because they would be fine with the menu! The bad thing? This is a kind of run down place, food ok, atmosphere horrible.

Use? NO

Other freebies I think are coming:

Starbuck free coffee on your birthday...Use? YES

What has come your way from birthday advertisers?

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