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Fun at the Bottom

February 27th, 2013 at 06:43 pm

So many projects, so little time!! If I were able to execute more crafts, I am sure sales would follow. But the reality of a day job, two kids and dog get in the way. Being a member of the 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' set, I have concentrated on steadily whittling down the TO DO sticky on my jewelry bench. Top on the list report?

1. Rings Rings Rings! After failing to take my own advice of putting some rings out front at selling events (because people love to try them on for fun and stay to chat and many times make other purchases), I needed to stock up on some original hand made ring designs!! So I buckled down. Now only ONE more to do. Here's a finished example:

Criss Cross Copper Adjustable Ring

A glossy white circular stone is set off with a lattice of fine copper lines on the front and wine red cut glass dots around the perimeter. Message me for more info.

2. Collage Cards. I expect a note any day now from the shop which carries my funny eco cards. They have been selling and I KNOW she is getting low on stock. Have about 4 more done, but I need a couple hours block to get 8 or 10 more made.

But the fun is at the bottom!!

Just yesterday I got a FREE lesson on making prong settings using wire. FREE because I add content to a jewelry site and used points earned for the contributions. LOVE FREE!!

I've always wanted to try this because no torch is involved. (The next step in jewelry making involves using fuel and it is common to have a 'fear of fire'. I admit I am a victim, but also would like to avoid nonrenewable fuel consumption for environmental reasons). Here's an example of wire prongs:

Now this person is an expert, mine will be far far simpler.

Can't wait to try this!! I have a nice stash of beach stone (collected and polished personally) that would be perfect.

Move over TO DO #3, #4 and #5? Send time!!

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