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Scoring is not just for sports

February 22nd, 2013 at 09:21 pm

Like other days, I take mental notes of savings and spendings (not sure why but it's just my nature!). Today?

- Did not spend on early morning coffee or hot chocolate (it's an occasional treat awaiting the bus commute especially when it is around 45 degrees).

- Dinner leftover shortage! I leave early (~6am) on some Fridays and was uninspired to brown bag lunch except for 2 oranges (see my

Text is post yesterday and Link is
post yesterday about excess on hand). Skimpy on desk contents too! No soup, or rice pouches. But made it through with a handful of peanuts, the oranges, and a hot green tea. Did not spend any $ on lunch.

So when was the last time YOU scored an orange?!

Oy. I am turning into my father! When I was under 10 years old, he would do this all the time. You have any recollection how sluggish and unnecessary this seemed to a kid? Nevermind, here I am repeating history.

- Resisted buying a sterling / cubic zircon ring at a walk about during lunch. There is a hole in the wall jeweler nearby, y'know the kind with mostly old styles, some estate and coin jewelry in the window. Well way down low is a tray of sterling silver /cz rings. All $20 ea. Pretty heavy kind of designs. The sterling alone is close to that price nowadays. I am sure they don't even care that they still have them. Well, being that I am sans a wedding ring (long story I do not want to repeat), I tried some on. Bah. Being I am a small, only a couple fit well out of about 25. Sizing one of these would cost as much as the ring itself. Last week I ran it by my husband who said, sure, get one if you want; no feelings tweaked. It flip flopped in my mind, but I went in today and took a little more time to try on and decide. Nah. The ones I liked just did not fit. So I will wait until another opportunity like that comes around such as at a consignment or collectible place.

- $$ for a ice skate lesson for DD

- $ for a bday gift to a teen boy who invited my son this weekend. Oh! This age is getting easier! All they want is cash, OK! I can do that.

- and now? off to add $$ to my bus pass.

Have a good weekend.

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