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Lemons and Oranges and Squeezing Time

February 21st, 2013 at 06:22 pm

Vegetarian Times magazine asks this month: How do you fight food waste? And how do I answer with one bin in the refrigerator full of oranges (from my MIL tree) and another full of lemons (from another tree)?

Make orange juice? Don't laugh at my frugal sense of wasting too much of the orange. But there are only so many days in a row I can give my family sliced oranges. I used a couple oranges in a sauteed chicken pasta dish (yum). Tomorrow slices will get put in jello (which we don't have often and so will more likely get eaten fast). Am taking them to work for snack (very happy me).

And the lemons? it is not easy to drink lemonade when it is 43 degrees out. Hmph. Ummm, there are a few lemonade ice cubes in the freezer from last year still. Although I may just make more. I hate using freezer space for these for years on end. What else?

Give away? someone beat me to it and there were lemons in our office kitchen.

Anyway, here's your chance to answer how you fight food waste and see some great answers

Text is Veg Times and Link is
Veg Times

I am behind on jewelry making! The collection of big cocktail rings needs to be increased for putting in shops on March 1. At least while doing a couple I took photos and wrote a tutorial to sell on the Jewelry Lessons website. It's been bought once by someone who was waiting:

Touch of Glamour Cocktail Ring

Checkerboard cut center crystal is ringed by ivory freshwater rice pearl. Adjustable copper band. In the color of the march birthstone - aquamarine. Click
Text is here and Link is
here for more detail.

For you crafters, here is the
Text is downloadable lesson and Link is
downloadable lesson

The TO DO list for Saturday is SQUEEZED already, not much time to get to the wire cutters!

7am: make decanter of hot coffee
8am: take car to high school track carwash event
9am: take daughter to dance lesson
9:45 chair meeting of art assoc store volunteers
11:30 pick up lunch for daughter using free meal coup
12:00 pick up daughter from dance
12:30 take daughter and friend to girl scout event
1:00 laundry, housework!!
2:30 pick up kids from girl scout event
3:00 laundry housework!!
5:00 MAKE RINGS or dinner, probably RINGS!

1 Responses to “Lemons and Oranges and Squeezing Time”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    You could try making marmalade. It uses up a lot of oranges and lemons.

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