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snowflake and big SNOWBALL

February 14th, 2013 at 06:05 pm

The shop owner who carries my beaded gloves and funny cards remarked she needed and was seeking more men's merchandise. It's a hard niche to fill, also proven by the clicks I am seeing on the men's rings I put in my etsy store. They are getting attention without much effort (as contrasted with lots of promotion I must do for the women's jewelry).

After seeing the no-sweat response on etsy, I decided to post a ring-making lesson for the men's style on another site called 'jewelry lessons'. On this site are instructions (for sale) on specific jewelry pieces. Sometimes it is hard to give away an idea and personal design. They don't come along THAT often!! But in this case, I think there is a significant niche - men's jewelry - to be filled.

So here is the ring I made a lesson for, and it has been bought once already (and sending a $2.50 snowflake to my bank account):

Garnet and Serpentine Channel Set Style Adjustable Ring

Meant for a guy, but good for the gals who like 'em big. Pure copper wire ring features a slab of olive green serpentine (the state mineral of California) and a row of polished garnet nuggets.

Jewelry hobbyist? Get the lesson here:

Text is Men's Channel Set Style Adjustable Ring and Link is
Men's Channel Set Style Adjustable Ring

The shop owner who wants mens things? She makes jewelry (of course, WHO DOESN'T?!) and will not take any other vendors in that category. I might ask anyway, but in the meantime, a check for $18 came in the mail for the sale of a pair of beaded gloves and a couple of funny collage cards.

Winter SNOWBALL! Big Grin

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  1. snafu Says:

    I've observed men prefer items that have a practical aspect. Jewelry that identifies their profession or employer or sport team in some way, key fob, cell gizmo, iPad cover, bureau box to corral stuff at night, easy to use 'charger' station.

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