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How it Looks from start to finish - Work In Progress

January 9th, 2013 at 06:07 pm

How do you get from raw materials to a pair of finished earrings? I was hired to do a custom pair of sea glass earrings about a week ago by an acquaintance who was given a sea glass pendant some months ago as a hostess gift.

Her pendant is a pale green glass held with a sterling silver wire cage. I had some jewelry on display at a boutique and she noticed my sea glass earrings. Though I don't use the same wire cage style, she liked my design and prices and we agreed to meet.

I brought my sea glass supplies to see if we had colors that would match the pendant. I've used most of the larger pieces of sea glass in my inventory, though I was thinking 2 smaller pieces linked together would be a nice substitute. She came to the same conclusion and picked out the 4 pieces.

I also was smart to have the right weight of sterling wire already in my supplies. And in fact, she requested post type ends which I also have a few pairs in my supply. Good planning ahead!

The only detail to include then, was a spiral somewhere in the earrings. The pendant has a couple spirals near the tip (a very common style of wire wrap). So I decided to have a spiral at the top of the upper link, and at the bottom of the lower link.

Here's what it looks like, before and after.

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