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Sneak Peek | Long Tall Mint Green and Curly Peach

January 7th, 2013 at 07:42 pm

Is the slow period for craft sellers over? When I started about 7 years ago making jewelry, cards and accessories and doing festivals and shows, other crafters would reminisce of selling out whole booths at past shows. Those must have been the golden days!

My experience was nearly about face for several years ~ sales were few, festivals struggled with attendence. I had a positive (naive?) outlook though because I was doing the jewelry design for fun and love. My enthusiasm was an asset, customers were happy to visit, browse and chat.

What a pleasant feeling though that the little business payed for itself. Perhaps there was no profit the first few years, but at least the company had income to buy a pop up tent, computer supplies and more. I gained LOADS of experience working with materials and designs. And even more experience working out my right brain!

Has the corner turned? It's only been a week in the year and I've gotten 3 sales already. I'm sure it's a combination of: better merchandise, stronger economy, and small business savvy. My prices have gone up but are still very attractive.

1. to Austria - sea glass earrings
2. to Oregon - hand beaded gloves

3. a custom order for jewelry from an art association contact.


And the paint hasn't even dried on the artful jeweled eggs in progress. I will be offering these on line at

Text is Pretty Cheap Jewelry and Link is
Pretty Cheap Jewelry this year.

Want a sneak peek?

Long Tall and Green

The Araucana chicken lays this naturally tinted pale green egg. I've decorated with fine metallic thread, gold paint and mini peach bindi's (Indian body jewel). The tip is crowned with a stone, the bottom a double circle of rhinestones. String for hanging.
Contact me for additional photos, pricing and shipping.

Peach Curl

A fun playful egg painted with red and black curls separated by a center band of candy apple red swarovski crystals. String for hanging.
Contact me for additional photos, pricing and shipping.

Thanks for the tweets and reads. Comments appreciated!

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