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Strange? Our choices of last minute gifts

December 19th, 2012 at 06:01 pm

All the mainstream store shopping was done a month ago. Much patronizing of art and craft shows and boutiques is complete (the pottery guild is the absolute perfect 'go to' place for gifts, many practical beautiful and inexpensive pieces!! Not to mention one-of-a-kind, inventive, and incredibly supportive of an artist).

Charitable contributions have been gathered and delivered. The bus driver, the teacher, the ice skate coach and the paperman are tipped. My list was long, but an early start and a fixation to detail helped keep costs under control.

And now? Turning my attention to what my husband might enjoy! OY! Always so hard. A typical, itty bitty electronics person. Or new gadget / tool / thingy. He likes audio books, but has no time to read print stuff. He eschews movies because 'it's all going to be available digitally anyway'. I cannot afford to give him a big WOW electric car!!

But I listen and secretly take notes during the year. I've taken a clue from him and use my iPhone for smart little uses and soon after I hear him say 'I wish I had a ...' I sneak over and add it to a list in my iPhone!

On the list:

-- plastic shoe horn. Collectible mall type find, but most of the oldies are metal. He tried a metal one but didn't like it (for reason I can't remember).

-- driveway reflector for our country property (no plastic he said!!) Just those tall skinny sticks with a round red reflector on the end. The cheap one broke in the harsh climate, and it is helpful in the dark to see the driveway entrance.

-- Five Guys Hamburger gift certificate. This is a kind of new copycat of In N Out burger (a west coast phenom). He is careful of diet, but can't give up this type of bufger. He even orders with a lettuce leaf wrap.

So where will I be going in the next couple days? Not the mall, UGH! the hardware store, the shoe repairman, and the fast food spot.

Have a good and safe holiday ~

1 Responses to “Strange? Our choices of last minute gifts ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Really good thinking to keep tabs on those conversations throughout the year! That leads to some insurance of extra thoughtful (and appreciated!) gifts. Well done... and kudos for skipping the mall, as well. Wink Jerry

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